Media honcho Rashaad Lambert shares 6 tips to protect your peace this season and beyond - Ebony

Media honcho Rashaad Lambert shares 6 tips to protect your peace this season and beyond – Ebony

Rashaad Lambert is no stranger to hard work and busy days. As Founder of For(bes) the Culture and Senior Vice President of Community and Culture for Forbes, it is important to him to stay up to date on all aspects of his health to ensure he can always present himself as the best version of himself.

Rashaad Lambert, Founder of For(bes) the Culture and Senior Vice President of Community & Culture for Forbes. Image: Steven CW Taylor.

Ever vigilant about things that might pose a risk to his mental well-being, Lambert says the biggest threat to black mental health is the white supremacist system and the subsystems it has created.

“It bleeds into other necessary facets of our daily lives,” he says. “It is a deeper threat to ‘successful’ or ‘successful’ Black leaders and business people because it limits our ability to effectively improve the lives of those we intend to serve. There are useless and unwritten rules and parameters that we must take into account every day to survive. In reality, the threat is probably the lack of intention and attention to dismantling said systems because they are woven into the fabric of this country and, as a by-product, the rest of the world; the same world in which we must live and work.

There are many ways Lambert is intentional to safeguard his peace and mental well-being. Here are six tips he shared to help you do the same and excel in your daily life.

Get enough sleep

Busy people often struggle to get enough sleep. While Lambert agrees it’s essential to do this, he also points out that it doesn’t have to be done within the confines of a typical schedule.

“I don’t sleep according to what people would consider a ‘normal’ sleep schedule. I work late at night and I work early in the morning, but I take a series of naps throughout the day,” he explains. “Late nights and early mornings are often quiet times for most. If you want to be alone with your thoughts to focus, these are my suggested times. Midday is often noisy. Prioritize meditation and silence at any time of the day to reorganize your thoughts.

Take care of your body

For Lambert, keeping his mind healthy also means keeping his body healthy. He is aware of what he puts in his temple and exercises regularly. However, he says going to the gym isn’t always necessary.

“During the pandemic, I spent a lot of time training at home and hoarded a lot of workout gear,” he shares. “A few of my essentials are my inversion table for stretching and an electric massage therapy chair for recovery. I do some of my best mid-workout reflections, sometimes upside down, to get the blood flowing. I also quit eating red meat in 2017, and I’m allergic to pork. I take the same vitamins every day, including vitamin C, sea moss, and cod liver oil.

Use lists to stay motivated

Lists play a major role in the founder and SVP’s daily planning, helping them stay organized and focused.

“Every day when I wake up I make a list of today. I make my weekly to-do lists on Sunday and every day I take the items that I intend to complete that day at From that master to-do list and I add them,” says Lambert. “I only add between five and six things at a time. The time I feel I can actually manage. Completing a full list of items is great for your mental peace. That sense of completion can be satisfying and encouraging. When you make a to-do list and don’t complete it, it can have the opposite effect.

Enjoy Pleasure Travel

Although he travels most often for business, Lambert tries to set aside time on each trip for the leisure activities he enjoys, whether it’s working out, biking or hiking. jogging.

“Some of my favorite places to travel would have to be anywhere in Africa, Paris, California, New York, and Phoenix. Traveling for leisure is extremely therapeutic, especially when I can truly disconnect and get off the grid. Morocco makes me feel like I’m in my own world. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Barbados, Bahamas and Jamaica are also places that feel like home away from home. self.

Practicing Gratitude

Every day, the entrepreneur takes time to reflect on the things in his life for which he is grateful. These subtle reminders have a huge impact on her peace and her day.

“It can calm your heartbeat, clear your mind, and refocus your energy,” advises Lambert. “The first thing I do every morning is have a personal gratitude session. Sometimes I do it before bed.

Disengage and Disconnect

With the prevalence of social media and having information available and easily accessible at your fingertips, it can be tempting to try to stay current and up to date at all times. However, Lambert recommends making an effort to log out regularly.

“We don’t always need to know everything that happens to everyone, everywhere, every time, every day. Sometimes it’s better not to know. Plausible deniability. trending on social media (or trying to be the trend), what that person said, what movie came out, what TV show is making headlines, that we lose sight of what’s really important,” says Lambert “A lot of these things also contain triggers that we don’t have to constantly activate or reactivate. Whether it’s the first day you seek a life without constant trauma or a traumatic connection to entertainment media.”

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