Corbie appointed vice-rector for faculty affairs |  Writing

Corbie appointed vice-rector for faculty affairs | Writing

Giselle Corbie, MD, director of UNC’s Center for Health Equity Research and Kenan Professor Emeritus of Medicine, has been named vice provost for faculty affairs at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Dear Caroline Community:

I am delighted to announce that Giselle Corbie has accepted the position of Vice-Rector, Faculty Affairs. Dr. Corbie is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Kenan, Director of the Center for Health Equity Studies and Vice Provost for Rural Initiatives. We are thrilled to have a leader of Giselle’s caliber, character, and incredible skill to join the office as we work together to defend and advance our faculty and strengthen our academic community.

Dr. Corbie came to Carolina in 2000, having served as chief internal medicine resident at Yale University and assistant professor of medicine at Emory University. Giselle’s time at Carolina includes a wide range of teaching and research roles: faculty of social medicine, general medicine, epidemiology and biostatistics; Principal Investigator and Co-Director of the Health Disparities Program at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research; and currently associate director for the science of engagement at the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute.

Giselle’s research focuses on addressing health inequities in underserved populations through community-based and patient-centered research. For more than 25 years, she has developed a successful and continuously funded independent research portfolio that has won awards from the National Institutes of Health and numerous foundations. This entire portfolio consisted of patient- or community-centered work investigating the motivations of minorities to participate in research; addressing mental health among newly immigrated Latinas; evaluate HIV and cardiovascular risk reduction efforts in rural African American communities; and the development of new community ethics frameworks. Her efforts have made her a leader in the field: she recently served as president of the Society of General Internal Medicine and, in 2018, she was elected to the National Academy of Medicine.

Giselle’s passion for research and engagement around health equity is contagious: in 2013, she not only founded but began serving as Director of the Center for Health Equity Research at the ‘A C. The Center brings together teams of academics, community members, health professionals and other stakeholders to advance health equity and improve health outcomes in underserved communities by promoting the innovation and translational research. Under his leadership, CHER has become a key convener and clearinghouse for equity-based education and capacity building across the state. Drawing faculty from all of the University’s health business schools, the Center now employs more than 70 people, has supported more than 100 student projects, and has placed its 15 postdoctoral students in assistant professor and /or health leadership. In 2018, she began serving as Vice President for Rural Initiatives, founding UNC Rural, a campus-wide entity dedicated to building campus-rural partnerships to strengthen rural communities and advance education. equity throughout North Carolina.

These commitments to fostering healthier, stronger, and more equitable communities across the state are vividly apparent in his work with our faculties and university communities. She is a member of the Chancellor’s Committee on History, Race and the Way Forward. She is an award-winning mentor for students and young faculty and has played an active role in shaping a fairer and better faculty advancement policy at medical school. During their strategic planning process, she collaborated with colleagues to design what would become the School of Medicine’s Office of Inclusive Excellence. She has chaired several tenure committees and served as a member of the School of Medicine promotion committees for associate and full professors. She served as a member of the University’s Advancement, Promotion and Tenure Committee.

She has a particular passion for supporting faculty development, a passion that is evident in her efforts as a co-investigator in the Clinical Investigator Program. Funded by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, this groundbreaking program advances the professional development of faculty by providing an integrated curriculum in leadership, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The goal of the program is to provide mid-career faculty with the “mindset and skills” needed to advance their professional aspirations and advance health equity by engaging educators, researchers, and practitioners .

Giselle received her Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University, a Master of Science in Clinical Research from Emory University, and her MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York.

Our office’s mantra is that the best way to serve our students and our state is to foster an excellent, inclusive, and engaged academic community. Giselle is an incredible addition to our team and an indispensable part of achieving this goal. We are proud to have a leader with Giselle’s depth of experience and commitment who joins us in serving the University community. And we are thrilled to work with an academic and an individual who so fully exemplifies a commitment to excellence, fairness, and ultimately to making the world a fairer, more humane, and better place.

I can say with the utmost confidence that we believe Dr. Corbie will advance our office’s mission to serve our students and our state by being good stewards and advocates for one of the finest colleges in the country.


Christopher Clemens, Provost and Director of Studies

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