Lawmakers to tackle high health care costs in CT

Lawmakers to tackle high health care costs in CT

Lawmakers target rising health care costs as a key issue they plan to address in the next legislative session, after hearing Thursday from hospital executives, representatives of insurance and pharmaceutical companies and other industry officials.

“It’s no secret that health care is unaffordable and the health care industry is failing Connecticut families and small businesses,” said Sen. Matthew Lesser, D-Middletown, Co-Chair of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee. “Clients are expected to pay more and more for the same essential health services.

“This forces parents and the elderly to further stretch household budgets and wait to seek treatment, increasing the risk of worsening health complications in the future. … Without cutting costs, we are preventing Connecticut families from achieving a better quality of life and the ability of businesses to grow.

Thursday’s hearing, which covered hospitalization costs, underlying insurance costs and other issues, was prompted by double-digit rate increases requested and approved this year for many health plans. fully insured healthcare, including those from the state insurance exchange, Access Health CT.

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