Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival 2016

Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival 2016

The Yulin Cat and Dog Festival is one example of an animal abuse incidence that makes me feel extra fortunate to be with my Humom and Dad.

Shame on Humanity

Jade here reporting on an incident of dog abuse that makes me ashamed to be called “man’s best friend”. 

The Yulin cat and dog meat festival is an atrocity about which I have recently been hearing a lot of barks and howls. I respect cultural differences.

But a line is crossed in humanity when pets are being abducted from homes with no recourse, and tortured while they are wagging their tails, with blind and undeserved trust of human nature.

yulin cat and dog meat festival

Jade here, reporting on an atrocity called the, “Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival.”

Abduction and Massacre

Mass execution of my canine and feline friends through burning them alive and publicly torturing them before consumption is too morally unjust not to address.

  • Many pets are stolen from families and then used as dog meat with their family’s collars still around their necks. 
  • I recently saw a photograph, with a video available on YouTube of the Yulin Cat and Dog Meat festival where the limbs of a stolen family pet were being cut off in front of the respective family’s child while the dog was fully conscious. 
  • Of course the pure agony that the poor little girl was going through is not even close to comparable of how my tortured canine friend felt before death.
  • Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival advocates claim that animal rights activists are picking on Yulin when many other places kill animals that are sacred to some sector of society.

You don’t have to be an animal rights activist to be enraged and embarrassed with mankind by the immoral torturing, and unjustifiable cruelty of this festival. While you may not identify as an animal rights activist, you will want to become involved after hearing these gory details.

yulin cat and dog meat festival

Jade is deeply concerned about the Yulin Cat and Dog Meat festival, and ashamed to be called “Man’s Best Friend”.

Abuse and Injustice

If pet dogs were viewed as property by being sold to restaurants, they were also property of the families who lovingly cared from them.

  • This festival is not only killing man’s best friend. It is also an extreme case of emotional abuse to children, families, friends, neighbors, and Yulin’s people. 
  • There are many gruesome pictures of skinning dogs alive, baking dogs alive, cutting off limbs of dogs while they are fully conscious, and people torturing them. Not all citizens enjoy watching their family pets made into dog meat stew. 
  • I don’t enjoy hearing about my fellow canine friends being mutilated and extinguished for pleasure and temporarily satisfied taste buds.

This temporary satisfaction brings with it rampant onslaught of deadly disease.

Onslaught of Disease

  • According to the San Francisco SPCA, 338 rabies cases were reported alone in Yulin between 2002-2006, and 338 cases ended in death of the individuals.
  • According to Global Post, there were 3,302 rabies cases reported in humans in China in 2007. 
yulin cat and dog meat festival

Jade is concerned about animal and human welfare surrounding the Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival.

Many dogs die from poor treatment leading up to the festival, and those that are not dead have such weakened immune systems that they pick up diseases that spread to people who work with the dogs and people who eat them.

Where’s the Compassion

While these are just words, and pictures are just pictures, thousands upon thousands of real individuals, humans and dogs, suffer from torment, horror, and disease from this unsanitary and unregulated event. 

  • Dogs save people from drowning.
  • Dogs love people unconditionally.
  • Dogs lead the blind and are therapeutic to people all over the world.
  • Even if the dogs do not matter, Yulin’s people should matter.

Yulin’s people are becoming emotionally scarred from watching their family pet being mutilated and tortured for food. 

Freedom of Rights

Since I am a dog, I know my opinion does not matter to many, but hopefully it will matter to some. I will not be silent about the Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival 2016, or any that may follow.

How to Help


The Yulin Cat and Dog Meat Festival is an atrocity for children and pets alike, a public health hazard and quite frankly, an abomination of mankind.

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    • It’s sad. Hopefully when enough people take a stand, what is right will become more apparent.


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