Who Says Dogs Can’t Play Tennis

Who Says Dogs Can’t Play Tennis

Jade here, updating you from my little corner of the world.

My parents took me to the park the other day with tennis rackets in their hands and tennis balls in their pockets. I was a bit nervous of those rackets. The sheer size alone made me hesitant to get close. But then out of those pockets came the animated bouncing lime green Wilson balls, who quickly became my new best friends.

Who says dogs can’t play tennis? This is when the adventure began.

Dogs Play Tennis

As a tennis star, I give Venus a run for her money.

My humom hit that ball far far away and I ran for it as fast as I could. Stretching my legs felt so good. I was proud to get that ball and brought it all the way back so that my mom could hit it for me again. Humom whacked that ball straight to my dad, which he returned back to her with a smack of his racket. I waited eagerly for the ball to be hit to me and soon enough there it went.

After around three times of chasing that ball I was out of breath. I sat and watched humom and dad pop the ball back and forth, all the while begging them to take a break so they could sit next to me and rub my belly.

Who says dogs can't play tennis?

Those Williams sisters ain’t got nothing on me.

After our short break we were at it again. My dad hit a ball for me that was not very far away. I went and got it but only brought it halfway back. I figured I was getting enough exercise and it was my dad’s turn to go get the ball. After about thirty minutes I was spent, and even though I had my water I was ready to go. My humom took my picture as she always does. How embarrassing! I was so out of breath that my tongue was lolly-gagging.

Who says dogs can't play tennis?

Posing with my best friend Wilson (the tennis ball).

I told humom that those photos were enough. After all, I don’t take pictures of her after she has been hiking and sweating.  It seems like she has a way of waiting until I look the most embarrassing, and only then does she remember to take a picture.  After my humom and dad got tennis out of their system, and I was done racing after the ball, we began our 2 mile trek back home.  I felt victorious and happy to be out in the sun, enjoying the beautiful day. My smile was plastered on my face and nothing could get me down.  The weather was perfect and my parents and I had fun playing a game that was new to all of us.

Who says dogs can’t play tennis? I have surely proved the naysayers wrong.

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