White Chocolate Fruit Tacos

White Chocolate Fruit Tacos


  • chocolate taco shells
  • white chocolate
  • kiwi
  • pineapple
  • raspberry
  • ice cream (of choice if preferred)
  • whipped cream
  • sprinkles
white chocolate taco shells

white chocolate taco shells

These white chocolate fruit tacos shells are the perfect dessert for anyone who is fancying natural sugars with the purpose of staying healthy. The recipe is fun and simple to make with or for the kids. The recipe is as easy as picking up your favorite fruits and ice cream at the local grocers, and stuffing them into the dark chocolate shells.  With an aching for the good life, the bite of the kiwi and the punch of the raspberry and pineapple combination will leave your tongue lingering for another taste.  Supple peaches or hardy apples could also be utilized to leave your mouth unintelligibly eager for more.

White chocolate fruit tacos

These white chocolate fruit tacos are a sweet and healthy dessert.

Your mouth salivates with the thought of your insatiable appetite over the fruits of your labors. You will lust over your joyous return to reality after taking another bite in heaven at your dining room table. The explosion of fruit within your mouth will be endless and your comprehension of heaven will be vast after eating this delicious and tasty treat. Endless exploration of your tastebuds can accrue with the number of fruits that our Mother Nature provides.

The tastes that your good Mother Earth provides will someday overpower you senselessly until your goals are rendered unattainable without another bite. As your mouth fills with the sweetness of success from the fruits that have encapsulated your soul, you will yet again yearn for another bite. Finally, no taste will be necessary at all. You will be completely satisfied with the sheer fact of eating said fruit because of the natural high you will feel after consumption.

chocolate fruit tacos

Chocolate fruit tacos, a sweet and healthy dessert alternative.

After the harsh reality check that this was just a daily requirement to fulfill the habitual needs of life here on Earth, you realize how lucky you were to find the time to expand your horizons with this delicious recipe in the first place. You will then make your way to your favorite couch to enjoy a sip of coffee and the news, slowly letting the sweetness in your mouth from your dessert subside. A lasting memory of the time you made these white chocolate fruit tacos with the family will fill your soul with pride.

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  1. Love those close ups. And the recipe, wow, hardly anyone can say no to this much yummy. 🙂


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