What’s Up Doc? – Birds of Prey Wildlife Rehabilitation

What’s Up Doc? –  Birds of Prey Wildlife Rehabilitation
Paris Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Jessica Claudio puts Paris Veterinary Clinic pictures on the map (in Waze too!) in order for a chance meet with the hardworking local veterinarian, Dr. Mike Neal. Dr. Mike Neal works at a small animal veterinary practice in downtown Paris, Tennessee, and is a seasoned wildlife doc who has worked on injured birds of prey for Paris Landing State Park.

The sky as well as birds of prey abound at Paris Landing State Park.


Dr. Jessica Claudio reports for duty after “flying solo” to a surprise #wildlife rescue at the East Tennessee Region Board of Christian Education #CYYAW17 event in Paris, Tennessee.


Absolutely breath-taking, a weekend in fellowship and communion at the Paris Landing State Park gives one a break from everyday life.  While preparing for a Sweetest Day Workshop to make Valentine’s for the nursing home, I met Park Ranger Lowry, whose many similarities to my own interests fit like a glove.  We exchanged information to meet up after my church service, which concluded the following morning.

Not one to miss out on a good time, I met up with wildlife Park Ranger Lowry to offer my veterinary support and assistance with a patient of the furless variety.  

A cooper’s hawk was rescued and brought to the Paris Landing State Park Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and was treated and helped by us shortly after the sermon. “This is the day that the Lord has made – let us rejoice and be glad in it” comes to mind for that glorious Sunday, when we worked under the wildlife rehabilitation project coordinator in order to manage the now healing wound of a Cooper’s Hawk, together at Paris Landing State Park.

Paris Rotary Club

Construction of the #wildlife Birds of Prey Habitat is an ongoing project at the Paris Landing State Park.

Paris Landing State Park Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is currently under construction in an expansion project called, “The Birds of Prey Habitat”.


The Birds of Prey Habitat is being built under contributors to the Tennessee State Parks project, including but not limited to: Mr. Froddrill, Gina Lowry, Friends of Paris Landing State Park, Park Maintenance, R. T. Lowry Jr., Paris Rotary Club, Memphis Net & Twine, Paris Building Supply, and visitors and supporters of the Birds of Prey Habitat exhibition.

*Donations from the public can be deposited onsite, or may be in form of a check made payable to: Friends of the Paris Landing State Park, with Birds of Prey written on the memo.  

Alternatively, one can explore the Paris Landing State Park website for more information on the Birds of Prey Habitat project.  The extra bird houses will allow permanently injured birds of prey more room to fly and live as education animals almost directly across the highway from the Paris Landing State Park conference center and hotel.

Solo fliers worldwide rejoice in the sound of the Lord’s name, and appreciate your contribution to the Friends of Paris Landing State Park birds of prey fund.

birds of prey

A crash course left our feathered friend eager for the help of Park Ranger Gina Lowry and Dr. Jessica Claudio, a wildlife doc – his guardians of the wind.

The injured and sick feathered mousing predators who crash in Paris, Tennessee and surrounding areas seek a savior and many times, salvage. Those focused on the rehabilitation and education to the public through the Birds of Prey Habitat and birding program at Paris Landing State Park work hard to provide for our feathered family. The work of Gina Lowry and other park rangers to manage and resolve ailments of our birds of prey is dire near the highways.

These dedicated wildlife professionals put a lot of time and effort into healing and returning birds of prey to the wild through structured wildlife rehabilitation and release programs.

Being part of the team for the day allowed me to again participate in the care of this small raptor of winter. And so, a successful weekend of ministry and wildlife rehabilitation with respect to the cooper’s hawk, projected me upward in faith of not only our Father in heaven, but faith of the people who care about our feathered fearless fliers. Please excuse me, as I continue my journey, and “fly like an eagle” thru the streets.

Yours truly,


Dr. Jessica Claudio



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