We’ve Got Personality: An Interview with Macy

We’ve Got Personality: An Interview with Macy

Barks of greetings from your favorite (and only) Travel Animal Doctor blog interview series host of:

“We’ve Got Personality”.

Meet Jade

I am Jade, a rescued lab mix, native to Alabama. 

I love to travel, and since I was adopted I have been to Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

My grandma and grandpa are also avid travelers. They adopted my cousins from Ohio, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

Meet the Instigator

One cousin, who is a born and bred terrier/corgi mix from Tennessee, showed my grandparents how to live the good life in their new abode.

 The last time I caught up with Macy, she was barking at a groundhog and causing the pack to go bark-wild. 

As soon as her sisters ran to her side and began telling the groundhog what was up, Macy returned to her comfortable couch and watched as her mom yelled at the others to stop, proud of the hysteria she had caused. 

Macy, the infamous instigator of her pack, is excited to chat with me today, and create yet another prideful and spectacular buzz.

 We’ve Got Personality

The Interview


Hi Macy. Welcome to, “We’ve Got Personality”. 

That groundhog still bugging you?


It is still out there, getting bigger everyday!

It is staying out of our yard though, so I consider my daily task at backyard security a job well done. 


Meet Macy.


Man, I bet your family is happy that you are there to keep them out of danger.


It is a hard job, but someone has to do it. Where I come from, a groundhog might as well be considered a sweet smelling daffodil.

I came from a litter of nine puppies, and was the second to last pup to be adopted at a Petco adoption event.

I have always fought my way through life. That groundhog has nothing on me.


I bet that’s why it won’t get close to your backyard! What is your earliest memory?


I had demodex mites that needed to be treated when I was adopted which caused me to itch and lose fur around my eyes and the top of my head.

I needed to be taken to the veterinary office often to get that under control. My dad had to give daily doses of medication morning and night.

My weight had to be carefully monitored since I was a fast-growing pup to make sure my dosage was accurate.

Everyone at the veterinary office loves me!


Yikes, that experience would be hard to forget.


The veterinary staff knows me well, as I am always the one dog of the pack getting into trouble.

I broke my leg twice during escapades in the backyard. 


Oh my goodness. 

Sounds like you are a regular at the veterinary office.



My mom is always saying how glad she is that they live less than a mile away from the veterinary hospital.


That is a good a thing. 

You sure keep things interesting wherever you go, whether it is a trip to the veterinary office or your backyard. 

Thanks for taking some time off of backyard security to talk with me today.


It was a nice break, thanks for having me!

I see a deer, so I better get back to my daily routine.

After all, Jasmine tells me that I am her favorite sister because I am the best at notifying her and the others of potential security risks.

we've got personality

We’ve Got Personality: Macy and Jade


I am sure your sisters appreciate your toughness and energy. 

You may be small, but spunk like yours cannot be contained. ‘Til next time Macy!


Barksta la vista!


Thanks for joining me for this especially rousing interview with Macy at “We’ve Got Personality”.

Until next time,

this is Jade- signing off.

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