An Interview with Sweet Pea – Travel Animal Doctor

An Interview with Sweet Pea – Travel Animal Doctor

Welcome to another We’ve Got Personality interview here at Travel Animal Doctor.

This is your host at Travel Animal Doctor, Jade, ready to talk dog on this special “We’ve Got Personality: Sweet Pea Edition”.

Travel Animal Doctor

Check out this interview between Jade and Sweet Pea. -Travel Animal Doctor

I have been missing my mother dearly, and cannot wait for her to come home so we can go on another hike. Mom is making her way to the annual BlogPaws Conference in Nashville, TN. During my last Skype session with Mom and Sweet Pea, I was able to interview Sweet Pea to find out the latest and greatest happenings in my cousin’s life.

Sweet Pea is a Chinese Crested/Yorkie mix, lovingly referred to by my mother as a Chinese Cryorkie.

This little Yorkie is extremely Quirky, just as her “designer” breed name suggests.

 Travel Animal Doctor

Good morning Sweet Pea! You’re looking chipper today. What’s up dog?

A really good looking smoothie, but I am just too short to get to it.

Yum. A smoothie does sound awfully scrumptious. Maybe puppy dog eyes will work.

One can only hope. I will give it a try. After all, the story is, that is how I won over my mother’s heart.

This sounds like the beginning of a good story.

A story I will never forget. I came from a rescue group from NW Ohio, who saved puppies from puppy mills.  I had a foster family who loved me to death, but knew good pet parents when they saw them. My mom and dad picked me up on a snowy February afternoon and took me to their house where I met Jasmine and Bayer. They were HUGE!

That sounds intimidating. I bet you wiggled your way into those “HUGE” dogs’ hearts very quickly.

Well it wasn’t very hard because with those huge dogs came huge hearts. Bayer was a gentle giant and Jasmine was a bundle of energy just ready to play with a new pup, ME!

You found yourself in a good family, didn’t you? If your family could tell me something about you, what would it be?

Mom says I am a good cuddler because I keep her lap warm every chance I get. Her feet stay cozy every night before she goes to sleep because of me. Dad would say that even though I am a mama’s girl, he likes taking me down to the pond to feed the Koi. Little does he know I have as much fun as he does watching the fish. Jasmine told me yesterday that I am her favorite sister. That is pretty impressive because she has three of them. She likes having me by her side when barking at the scary critters in the woods like the deer, woodchucks and rabbits. My other two sisters, Macy and Belle, joined the family a couple years after I did. I think both Macy and Belle look up to me (That could be because I look down at them at night from Mom and Dad’s bed. It pays to be a non-shedding Cryorkie.).

Travel Animal Doctor

Meet Sweet Pea. -Travel Animal Doctor


Man, I wish I didn’t shed. I hate the sound of our loud vacuum cleaner.

We have one of those too. I hear it often since Jasmine sheds so much.

Shed happens (to many of us anyways). Thanks for being here and good luck getting that smoothie!

Thanks for having me. My sisters are dying to talk with you too.

I am eager to interview Macy and Belle soon.

Thank you for joining me for another interview here at: “We’ve Got Personality”.

Until next time, Travel Animal Doctor fans. This is Jade, signing off.

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  1. Sweet Pea is really cute and I hope she gets her smoothie 🙂
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