Travels with Your Cat and Dog

Travels with Your Cat and Dog

Planning for holiday travels with your cat and dog?

With the fall holidays just ahead of us, it is just the time to take a quick trip to see the family. If you are planning a trip, and traveling with your dog and cat, here are 10 handy tips for to road.
traveling with the cat and dog

Traveling with the cat and dog is always an adventure.

Traveling with your Cat and Dog

1. Separation

When traveling with multiple pets it is helpful to make sure they are separated for easy maneuverability on your drive. This allows easy access to a specific pet that needs your attention during the drive.

2. Food

Ensure that any caffeinated beverages, gum and fast food are not in the vicinity of your pets.

3. Small Objects

Take a quick look at the surroundings around your cage or carrier. Small objects such as lose screws, strings, nails, or rubber bands can cause major problems for your kitty if ingested. It is easy to miss seeing a small object like this without looking for them.

4. Hard Pet Carrier

If this is a short trip, consider using a hard pet carrier for your cat. This will avoid harm of your pet and yourself during transport. In my article yesterday I mentioned to never put anything past an anxious cat. It would be dangerous if the cat chews through a soft carrier during the drive. Finally if you are stacking suitcases or objects in the car the last thing you want to do is have something fall on a soft pet carrier during the trip.

5. Keep Pets Occupied

To alleviate stress from the trip make sure your pet’s travel areas are comfortable. Include blankets to sleep and toys to play in order keep your cat and dog occupied on the road.

6. Air Flow

Make sure that the air flow in the backseat is something you yourself would be comfortable sitting in. You don’t want a pet to get overheated.

7. Essence of Life

As water is the essence of life, it is important that your pets have access to water during your trip.

8. Treats and Check Ups

Check on your pets regularly throughout the trip and give treats to ensure a positive experience.

9. Emergency Pet Bag

Store away emergency anxiety medication with doses and instructions, pill pockets, and a syringe for water in a convenient place. This way if you need to pill your pet during travels, you are prepared. 

10. Veterinary Information

While a copy of your pet records would be helpful, not everybody may be that organized. At the least it is important to know the weights of your pets, and have the phone number of your veterinarian on hand in case you need to get access to your pet records fast. An alternative idea is to store pet records on your phone for extra quick data retrieval.
travels with the cat and dog

Our travels with the cat and dog lead to many exciting trips.

Safe travels with your dog and cat, and enjoy the upcoming holidays!

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