Traveling with Your Dogs- Travel Animal Doctor

Traveling with Your Dogs- Travel Animal Doctor

If you are planning to travel with your dogs, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Are you planning a long road trip with your dogs?
After years of traveling with dogs, I have learned there are some essential things to bring along.
traveling with your dogs

A portable water bottle is a great way to keep your dogs hydrated when you are traveling with your dogs on a long trip.

Follow along for 13 quick veterinary tips for traveling with your dog:

1. Buckle Up

Safety first! Remember to put on their seat belts before you start your drive. When dogs get excited they may try to get in the front seat with you or impede your driving.

2. Car Seat Covers

Are you concerned about getting fur all over your clothes? Do you pick up friends in your car and get embarrassed with the fur they get on their clothes from your car? Avoid getting hair all over the backseat by purchasing a car seat cover for your car.

3. Portable Water

There are a number of bowls that you can keep in your car so that when you are on the move, your car can stay hydrated. I have seen a number of water bowls made out of material that can easily fit in a a car seat pocket. We use a water bottle with a lid that turns into a bowl from which Jade can drink. We also keep a collapsible bowl in a car seat back pocket.

4. Avoid Toxins

Prevent unintentional pet poisoning. Make sure gum, fast food, and caffeinated drinks are not in the same vicinity as your canine friends.

5. Air Conditioning

Keep your pets cool. You can avoid overheating by ensuring plentiful airflow to your puppy dogs.

7. Bathroom

Forcing your pets to “hold it” can cause future bladder problems and out of pocket expenses for you. Make sure to take your dogs out regularly throughout your road trip.

8. Be Aware

Check on your pets regularly throughout the trip.

9. Be Positive

Give treats to ensure your dog is having a positive traveling experience.

10. Emergency Pet Bag

Have an emergency pet bag on hand with these items: a) Have access to your pet’s medical records along with the weight of your pets. b) Have the phone number and emergency phone number of your regular veterinary office, and a veterinary office that will be open during your trip at your travel destination. c) Pack prescribed emergency anxiety medication for your dog/dogs with the doses labeled. d) Bring pill pockets so that your dog will easily take the medication. e) Have a syringe for water available in case you need to pill your pet. f) Before leaving home have a vet tech demonstrate how to pill your pets.

11. Car Window Shades

To prevent sun from beating in during daytime travel consider car window shades for your pups.

12. Sunglasses

Sunglasses for dogs are also available for your pet to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun.

13. Leash and Collar

Last but not least, remember the essentials for doggy bathroom breaks. 
travel with your dog

Don’t forget a leash and collar when you travel with your dog.

When traveling with your dogs, these are handy tips to keep in mind.  Have fun and safe travels!

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