“The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping” – Travel Animal Doctor

“The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping” – Travel Animal Doctor

The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping is the perfect book to read to young children before they go to bed. – Travel Animal Doctor

This book is a great night time story for a child who loves cats. Even if your child is an animal lover, for the reasonable price of the book, it would be worth giving this book a try. The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping is a charming tale about how different kittens choose to take their naps. Pictures of these cats give proof that not every cat goes to sleep the same way. And although they may be more comfortable sleeping one way rather than another, that is okay.

Even without a storyline, the pictures in this book would be entertaining. Seeing the funny and unique positions that the cats sleep are sure to make any animal lover grin from ear to ear. The sentences are easy to read. I can imagine that the book would be a great book to use to teach children how to read.


Cat Sleeps on Back Like Log

The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping has a photograph of different cats on each page with one sentence rhyme about the picture. – Travel Animal Doctor

My Niece’s Naptime

I can see reading this story to my niece right before nap time. She eagerly looks forward to being read to, and hands a pile of books to you to read to her. Whenever she Skype’s my family, she gets extra excited when she gets to see the cat at my parent’s house.  It would be fun to try and read this story to her to see what she thinks of the story. With so many adorable pictures of cats, I imagine that she would be quite enthralled with the content.

The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping is an extremely quick read for a 2 year old who wants you to read her multiple stories before she goes to sleep. The story ends after asking if you would want to take a nap. This would be an easy way to transition a child to bedtime. The author also has another book about cats I am eager to see. It would be fun to own a copy of both as reading material for my niece. I can imagine reading the text to my niece as she enjoys the pictures.

The Cat’s Guide to Enjoying Napping is a pretty adorable book to read to your young child. – Travel Animal Doctor




    • The only credit I can take is picking it out from stock photos! It is adorable, isn’t it?


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