The Care Pack from PupJoy Review

The Care Pack from PupJoy Review

PupJoy is a proud company of Chicago that offers a monthly customizable concierge service of artisan treats and products to your pet.

This monthly subscription, The PupJoy Care Pack Box, is custom tailored to your pet, and can be utilized for a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. 10% of each purchase ordered through the Helping Paws program from PupJoy is donated to the largest no-kill organization for rescue and adoption in the world, Animal League America. The organization, Animal League America, is dedicated to saving lives and giving pets homes. 

Additionally, PupJoy Care Pack gives up to 50% of profits to multiple charitable organizations. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, PupJoy is a great company to support while spoiling your pet monthly.

When the PupJoy Box was delivered, Jade was extremely excited to see that the box was for her.

Artisan Treats

When we opened her box, she was especially interested in the artisan treats selected for a PupJoy review. 



  • First I opened the PupChips just-because-you-love-them natural apple dog chips.
  •  Jade loves them and as we speak with the treats in my lap, is giving me extra special attention.
  • The best part about these treats is that as directed by the back of the bag, they can be eaten and enjoyed by both pets and pet parents.

Pawduke All Natural Dog Treats:

  • Next I opened the Grain-free Banana Carrot Flavor Pawduke dog treats.
  • Jade can not contain her excitement when I touch this bag because she absolutely goes nuts for the treats.
  • Jade is allergic to beef and chicken so she only does well with fish, fruit or vegetable flavors.
  • This product is grain- free, corn-free, soy-free and vegetarian, and Jade is completely obsessed.
PupJoy  Review

Heads up for this PupJoy review.

Before giving Jade her treats for a PupJoy review, she smelled the air as if to try and detect just what flavors she would expect to taste. 

Baitfree Collar

As we continued to look through her “treasure chest”, we found a pretty blue collar. It was the perfect fit, and the color was perfect to make her blue eye just pop.

  • The Baitfree collar is of high quality and is a truly inspirational brand for dogs.
  • As represented on the Baitfree logo, the brand exemplifies social awareness to the ongoing problem of dog fighting.
  • Furthermore, when buying a Baitfree product from, 20% of the proceeds goes to rescue center medical support to save bait dogs.

Dog-baiting occurs when game dogs are sent in to attack a virtually defenseless and chained up “rival”, the bait dog. The purpose of the bait dog is to test the fighting instincts of the game dog to further it’s training in a ring.

PupJoy review

Jade is posing with her PupJoy products.

Jade has proudly sported her pretty new collar since we received the Care Pack from PupJoy at the beginning of the week.

Hip Doggie Toy

Jade is normally destructive with her toys so I was concerned she would pull the squeaker out of this Rope Head toy by the end of the day. So far this week so good, and the toy is completely intact.

PupJoy Care Pack

The PupJoy Care Pack was full of goodies.

Jade always loves her new toys. She has not stopped squeaking the Rope Head since she got it.

Jade and her family thanks PupJoy for the wonderful selection of products. Her humom and dad are completely satisfied with the high quality of all of these products and are so happy to give a review of PupJoy products.

*Thank you PupJoy for giving us an opportunity to give you a PupJoy review*

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