Travel Animal Doctor: The Beauty of a Mutt

Travel Animal Doctor: The Beauty of a Mutt
beauty of a mutt

Happy April Fool's Day!


beauty of a mutt

Meet my mom's dog, Jasmine.


She's a black lab.

... April Fools!

She's a basset hound.

... April Fools!

She's a bassador!

You got it!
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beauty of a mutt -Travel Animal Doctor

With that barrel-shaped body, short legs, and black fur... is she a permanent puppy? Just what breed is she?


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Jasmine is a prime example of the beauty of a mutt. -Travel Animal Doctor

Her long, barrel body and short legs comes from her basset hound genes. Her adorable face and black coat are labrador retriever all the way. 

Jasmine's family fell in love with her because of her adorable appearance and pleasing personality. She would lick her family to death if they would let her. 

Her humom thought she looked like a permanent puppy with her short stature and long ears.  Jasmine stole her humom's heart after only one walk. 

Between her body features and her personality, Jasmine portrays the beauty of a mutt. -Travel Animal Doctor

Jasmine is only one example of many that you can find at the shelters today.


I like to think of my dog, Jade, as all the best breeds in one.  Have you met Jade? If you haven't, click here to meet her! Is your mutt a "Brangelina" dog mix? Do you have a "designer dog"?




    • Thanks. She is pretty adorable, I love to play with her when we get to meet up!

  1. Adorable face whatever she is. Mutts are indeed beautiful!

  2. What a cutie! My dog is definitely a fabulous muttly mix! We thought she was a beagle/shepherd when we got her (so I used to call her a sheagle) but we got her DNA tested last year and she’s actually a German/Aussie shepherd mix – with a bit of terrier!

    • Oh my goodness. You gotta love those tests. Gives you some insight you would never expect! Thanks for stopping by.


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