Spicy Cheese and Pepper Quesadilla

Spicy Cheese and Pepper Quesadilla
spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla

Need a quick fix for afternoon lunch? Try this spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla.

Who needs fancy when you can spice up your life with this 5 minute feast?

Five minutes out of your day to make a feast so good it haunts you. This spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla is sure to set your mouth on fire, or at least light a flame. Every spark offers value to a fire. As a self-proclaimed spice and health foods connoisseur, this “tried and failed and tried again” chef values each individual ingredient for what it brings to the table. What this quick meal may lack in one area can offer substantial value in another. The tortillas used in this recipe were cajun style, but there are also whole wheat wraps, eggplant wraps and spinach wraps sold at the local fresh food markets.

spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla

This spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla is perfection in a skillet.

Trying to please everybody will lead you nowhere and back again.  Pleasing yourself with this delicious spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla? Perfection on a palate.

Palate, palate, plate. Like a work of art, your inner identity could change with a taste this tempting. Your palate will be christened, one bite at a time. The instant your spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla leaves your plate with no morsel left behind, you will know that your work is complete, and this cheesy masterpiece has found its way home.

spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla

Lightly browned spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla.

A satisfying resolution to cause a revolution in your mind. Brainfood to take control of your day, one forkful at a time.


  • 1 Yellow pepper
  • 1/4 Vidalia onion
  • Mixed cheese, mexican blend
  • Cajun wraps
  • Flaxseed oil (or other healthy/organic version such as avocado or grapeseed oil)


  1. Chop up the yellow pepper and Vidalia onion.
  2. Combine ingredients into a tortilla wrap of your choice.
  3. Use flaxseed oil on skillet.
spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla

Spicy tortillas are used to create the spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla.

A life in sin will never quite taste the same after this spicy cheese and pepper quesadilla.

This quesadilla will do the body good. A natural health foods store such as Trader Joes or Whole Foods Market is a primary outlet to pick up the freshest organic ingredients. Mushrooms, banana peppers, and a selection of meats and beans may also be added as appropriate. Finally, there are many choices of cooking oils one may find advantageous to purchase at a fair price.

In this day in age, when olive oil mislabeling could really mean that extra virgin may have canola oil mixed in, it is necessary to pursue some alternative oils. While they may be more expensive, these alternative cooking oils are proven to be healthier for a person’s lifestyle. This expose is just one writer’s attempt at uncovering the exploitation of cooking oil mislabeling.  Cooking oil are not the only food product that are being falsely advertised.For the latest updates regarding mislabeled food products, one can take advantage of HG.org Legal Resources. Coming from a veterinary nutritionist’s perspective, mislabeling of animal food products is also a problem of which to address in government and marketing regulations.



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