Skoubee Review of Travel Animal Doctor

Skoubee Review of Travel Animal Doctor

Have you heard the hype at over Skoubee medals? – Travel Animal Doctor

With Skoubee, the only thing a pet rescuer needs is an internet connection to retrieve your pet’s data, to return your pet to home.

Have you ever lost a pet?

  • The most well behaved pet can still be displaced from home through accidents and natural disasters.
  • Use to help set a plan in place for your pet in case he/she needs to find his/her way home.

The Skoubee medal directs people to the website where people who find your lost pet can view your pet’s profile.

Travel Animal Doctor

Jade poses with her skoubee medal.

Skoubee QR Code

  • Not only can you download a QR Scan app for your Android and/or iPhone cell phones in order to scan groceries at the groceries store and clothes at the mall.
  • Now this QR code is applied to a medal to put on your pet’s collar, and aid in finding your lost pet.

You do not need to download a QR scanner app to find the pet owner’s information. Simply go to as the medal instructs. – Travel Animal Doctor

Skoubee Identification Number

  • On the same side as the QR code, there is a number underneath the code.
  • By manually submitting the number that is found under the code onto the pet rescuer will automatically be directed to your pet’s social profile.

Skoubee Pet Profile

  • The great thing about is that it allows the Skoubee medal user to register for a pet profile.
  • Here the owner can input any helpful information necessary to handle and care for your pet.

Your Pet’s Special Instructions

  • Does your pet have special needs such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or allergies to specific foods?
  • Does your pet’s tail tuck between it’s legs when confronted with certain obstacles?

You can add these personal instructions to your pet’s profile so that people know what makes your pet tick and sick to avoid any unnecessary conflict before returning your pet home. – Travel Animal Doctor

Travel Animal Doctor

Close- Up of the Skoubee Medal- Travel Animal Doctor

Pertinent Pet Information

  • The Skoubee pet profile gives pertinent information to the pet rescuer such as the name of the pet and identifiable traits, as well as the owner’s address and phone number.
  • The Skoubee “social” pet profile can even store your pet’s medical history and vaccination records to inform the pet rescuer.
Travel Animal Doctor

Jade relaxes with her new Skoubee medal. – Travel Animal Doctor


Since a pet rescuer could be anyone, the Skoubee medal allows your pet a safe return without the rescuer needing a microchip reader.

Checkout for your own Skoubee medal today! – Travel Animal Doctor

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  1. Very nice article and maybe one additional comment concerning the use of the Skoubee medal:

    Pets that are wearing a Skoubee medal will be able to tell you their personal information by linking you to their profile at!
    The Skoubee medal provides access to pet profiles which are published on the Web at

    There are three different ways that your pet’s profile can be accessed:

    By flashing the QR code on the Skoubee medal with a smartphone or tablet.
    You can download a free app for reading QR codes.

    By touching the Skoubee medal to a smartphone or tablet that is equipped with NFC (NFC settings on ).
    nfc phones list

    By entering the 8-digit PIN number at


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