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Save the Taiji Dolphins – Travel Animal Doctor

Save the Taiji Dolphins – Travel Animal Doctor

Jade here, the director at Travel Animal Doctor, reporting on the Taiji Dolphins.

Travel Animal Doctor
Czermak Photography / Foter / CC BY

This morning humom called me up on the bed and rubbed my belly. When she began to pull her hand away and reach for her computer I begged her, “Not yet!” I wiggled closer to her so that she had no choice but to keep scratching. I get really excited when she speaks to me, and began to wag my tail when she asked me if she had ever told me about the dolphins.You haven’t, not yet, but I would love to hear about them, I barked with a wag of my tail.

The Story

Humom spent some time at an aquarium where she helped ultrasound dolphins. She described each individual personality of her patients with a twinkle in her eyes.

She recalled a young’n who was spritely and quite the trouble maker. The adolescent listened but only when his independence was won over by some yummy fish. There was an older female who had unbelievable patience and tolerance for the adolescent and the ultrasound procedure. They were an extraordinary spectacle to behold and their antics provided quite a show.

Travel Animal Doctor

Jade shows her belly – Travel Animal Doctor

Much like I offered my belly to my humom, the dolphins flipped over to present their own bellies for use of the ultrasound. They were well trained and made it relatively easy to perform the brief check ups. When enough was enough, the adolescent splashed at the doctors in an attempt to get them soaked as he swam away.

Inquisitively I looked at humom, as if to ask her what reminded her of this entertaining tale. Did the presentation of my belly remind her of the Dolphins?

Getting Involved

Shaking her head in despair, she explained that what triggered the memory was a photograph of blood red water and dead Dolphins in a fishing boat. It went along with a petition she saw on Twitter, which was raising awareness of the dolphin massacres in Taiji. Also nearing extinction are the pink Dolphins (see quick petition here).

The Yangtze River dolphin is already thought to be extinct.

Several species of dolphins are endangered due to mankind.

Our Health

Dolphin meat is so heavy in mercury, humom believes it is not fit for human consumption. High levels of mercury can cause birth defects and blindness. Mercury poisoning leads to disfigurement and central nervous system impairment. One study revealed that mercury is connected to ADHD in children.

The high levels of mercury and toxins in dolphin meat alone should be reason enough to avoid consumption.


When you treat the world’s beings with respect, you are inherently respecting yourself.

Subjecting yourself to tainted meat will ultimately affect your own health. – Travel Animal Doctor

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