Travel Animal Doctor: Preventive Pet Healthcare

Travel Animal Doctor: Preventive Pet Healthcare

With preventive pet healthcare your pet can be at his optimal health. – Travel Animal Doctor

Preventive pet healthcare focuses on preventing disease before it happens! The best part about preventive pet healthcare is that pet owners can take part in it. By preventing disease before it occurs, it makes for a much happier and healthier pet, and you avoid the large costs associated with diagnosing and treating a disease condition.

Imagine having to go through knee surgery because you are overweight. What if at your yearly dental appointment your only problem was getting those pearly whites whiter rather than having to get fillings, a root canal or a tooth pulled? You were warned about that high blood pressure and now you suffer from heart disease. It sure would have been nice to prevent these conditions altogether.
Prevent Disease
Preventing disease through preventive pet healthcare is often much easier and less painful, than managing a disease process that is already there.
Travel Animal Doctor

With the proper guidance in preventive pet healthcare, you can avoid ever having to deal with certain costly disease conditions in your pet. – Travel Animal Doctor

With the proper guidance, you can avoid ever having to deal with certain costly disease conditions in your pet. The first step is to be aware that you play a vital part in keeping your pet healthy. The rest of the preventive pet healthcare comes easy!
How to Help

<strong>1) Devise a Preventive Pet Healthcare Plan</strong>

Many diseases can be prevented if you simply know and avoid the cause. By thinking ahead to the future, knowing what older pets are prone to, and acting to prevent these diseases you are actively engaging in a preventive pet healthcare plan.

<strong>2) Portion Control</strong>

Using proper portion control when feeding your pet will help you to control your pet’s weight. By controlling your pet’s weight you can avoid joint and heart problems in your pet.

<strong>3) Hydration</strong>

Ensuring your pet has adequate hydration is essential to your preventive pet healthcare plan. Your pet can easily become dehydrated, especially in the heat of summer. Your pet should always have access to water.

<strong>4) Know Your Pet's Environment</strong>

Since your pet lives with you, the environment your pet is in is similar to your own. The air you breath, the water you drink, and sometimes even the food you eat is shared with your furry family member. If it is too hot for you to go outside, remember it will also be too hot for your pet. Just as you get sunburn, your pet can also get burnt from too many UV rays.
The great thing about pets, is that you can control what they eat and drink by only putting in front of them, what is healthy for their metabolism. This is where you have the power to prevent disease in your furry friend. All you need is the right education to know what will give your pet a long-lasting and happy life.

<strong>5) Vaccines, Preventatives and Dewormers</strong>

It is also important to know what vaccines, preventatives, and dewormers your pet needs in order to prevent disease. These forms of medication are much less expensive then it would be treat the disease itself, if the disease is even treatable.

As an active pet owner, you can keep your pet happy and healthy by being aware of the importance of preventive pet healthcare. – Travel Animal Doctor

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