Travel Animal Doctor: Prevent Pet Hit By Car Accidents

Travel Animal Doctor: Prevent Pet Hit By Car Accidents

Prevent pet hit by car incidents with these practical tips from Travel Animal Doctor.

There were over six million acknowledged pet hit by car accidents in the United States last year.

  • “Hit by car” scenarios are depressingly common in the veterinary field, and emotionally draining to pet owners and veterinarians.
  • It is important to understand how one can prevent pet hit by car emergencies from occurring.
Travel Animal Doctor

Prevent pet hit by car accidents by knowing and avoiding the common causes to the problem. – Travel Animal Doctor

I am a firm believer in prevention being the key to a healthy life for your pets.

  • I am writing a series of articles on what a pet owner can do to help their pet in a “hit by car” emergency.
  • See “My Pet was in a Hit By Car Accident!” for the beginning of this three part series.
  • In this article I wanted to focus on providing advice to prevent pet hit by car emergencies.

The following are six practical suggestions for pet owners to aid in the prevention of their pets being hit by cars.

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1. Get your pet spayed or neutered.

  • This is the easiest way to prevent pet hit by car emergencies.
  • Male and female cats tend to roam more when they are intact.
  • Roaming will increase the possibility of these animals being hit by a car or getting sick by feral cats. Dogs are similar with intact males and females escaping in order to find a mate.
  • By removing the hormonal drive to roam you will be decreasing the likelihood of your animals being hit by a car.

There are also many health benefits for spaying and neutering your animals including decreasing the chance of your animals getting cancer.

2. Know the breed specifications for your pet.

If you would like to own a specific breed instead of a mutt, it is important to know the breed characteristics.

By knowing common personality traits within the breed, you know what environment is needed in order to prevent pet hit by car accidents.

  • Looking up the personality traits for a breed is easy and fun because often you get to browse adorable and beautiful pictures of your preferred breed as you learn.
  • After learning these characteristics, make sure your lifestyle fits in with the breed you want to get.

Huskies, for example, tend to be vocal, need above average physical activity and must be mentally stimulated or else they can become mischievous troublemakers.

  • If you are living in an apartment complex, remember that they are vocal.
  • If you live in the city, remember they need grueling exercise and mental stimulation.

Are you able to set up an environment and have the lifestyle necessary to house a husky? If not, wait to get that husky for when you can provide the proper care.

3. Provide your pet the lifestyle that it needs.

If you have a yard for a pet that needs the space to run and play this is a great start but it does not end there.

  • An active lifestyle can prevent pet hit by car accidents so that your pet does not get bored enough to want to run away.
  • Huskies need strenuous physical activity and mental stimulation.
  • They need to be played with and they need to run often.
  • Make sure you go on runs with them, or play long games of fetch to keep them active.

4. Have the necessary security.

Prevent your dog from jumping over the fence and digging under it.

  • Remember every crack and every single defect in the fortification will be taken advantage of by a bored and intelligent animal.
  • Also, a pest can breach the smallest hole in your security.
  • Rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and opossums that get in can terrorize your pet and make your pet want that prey so bad that your pet may try to escape just to capture that animal.
  • If you have children remember that they can and will also make mistakes.
  • Kids can accidentally leave doors or gates open.

Be attentive, and use double locks and extra doors as much as possible for additional security.

5. If your pet is a jumper, consider a roofed in area.

If you read my first article of the series, “My Pet was in a Hit By Car Accident!”, you already know that I had a husky growing up.

This husky was able to clear a 6-foot fence just to go on a mid-day run.

  • If your pet is also a jumper, look into a fenced in and roofed area.
  • If your pet is extra energetic, and your vigorous walks just are not enough exercise for your pet, a roof may be essential for your pet’s safety, and can help prevent pet hit by car accidents.

6. Provide training to your pet.

This is an important step to prevent pet hit by car accidents.

  • Training your pet provides mental stimulation and will help your pet to see you as the alpha, or the leader of the pack.
  • When a mutual respect is built and the pet is getting attention, he will be less likely to want to “jump ship”.
  • This also comes in handy when you are opening the front door.

An obedient animal will be less likely to slip through your legs and dash into the street.

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This article from Travel Animal Doctor should give a new pet owner, a person interested in owning a pet, or a seasoned pet owner a few ideas on how to avoid a hit by car situation.

  • Pets will be pets, and if they will it to be so, they will escape.
  • With ideas to prevent it, avoiding the problem all together is the best and most painless solution.

Please read “How to Save Your Pet After a Hit By Car Accident” next to be prepared in case a hit by car accident were to occur.

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