To: Poseidon’s Fans at Travel Animal Doctor

To: Poseidon’s Fans at Travel Animal Doctor

Hi everybody, this is Poseidon the cat, introducing myself to all the fans here at Travel Animal Doctor.

My newly adopted pet parents have been enjoying my rambunctious ways for the past few weeks. My new sister Jade has been having fun running around with me.  I enjoy stirring up the home with antics at every turn.

Yesterday I hid from Jade under the table cloth of the family coffee table. A sudden rush of energy started in my butt.

fans at Travel Animal Doctor

Poseidon introduces himself to the fans at Travel Animal Doctor.

I started wiggling it to try to keep my composure, but the rush was just too strong. I fixated my stealth-like stare on the target. Suddenly the rush of energy within me charged into my legs and without hesitation I bolted.

fans at Travel Animal Doctor

Poseidon cloaks himself.

My powerful pounce at Jade took the tablecloth with me. Thirty seconds later I was ensnared!

In a heroic attempt to save the contents that were on the table, my trusty sidekick, the ground, caught the coasters, the glasses, the remote control and the wii controller. On impact, the objects cried in terror. A symphony of crashes resounded throughout the living room.

Trying to break free, I wriggled and squirmed.

I bit and clawed at the table cloth with all my might while my adoptive pet parents sat staring at each other in disbelief.  The evil table cloth monster had me in its grips and would not let me go. While at first I felt defeated, I decided this was kind of fun. Since the tablecloth was sheer I could still stalk my sister, Jade. I calmed myself and kept my eyes on the prize, Jade’s tail.

I quieted myself and scrunched up like a stone, so poised and still that I felt sure that Jade would think me a statue.  

From my peripheral vision I could see my adoptive pet parents shaking their heads in utter amazement of my skill.  I could tell that they were in a state of confusion as to why the table cloth was bunched up around a concrete cat figurine, and why all the things once on the table were now on the floor.

fans at travel animal doctor

Poseidon transforms into a statue, fooling fans at Travel Animal Doctor.

Only upon completion of my mission, would my pet parents understand the urgency of the situation.

So here I sit in my invisible cloak, patiently waiting.

Tune in tomorrow to find out how this mission turns out.

Until next time Travel Animal Doctor fans. This is Poseidon, the cat, signing out.

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