Travel Animal Doctor: My Pet was in a Hit By Car Accident!

Travel Animal Doctor: My Pet was in a Hit By Car Accident!

One of the toughest parts of the job as a clinical veterinarian is taking care of a pet hit by car accident. -Travel Animal Doctor

A Tough Job

The phrase “ I always wanted to be a veterinarian but…” has been something I hear often.

  • The job is rewarding sometimes, but other times it is extremely hard on your emotions, body and brain.
  • As with all jobs, it can be enjoyable but there are always the parts of the job that are extremely challenging.
  • Taking care of happy and healthy puppies and kittens is always fun.
  • A sick puppy or kitten is no fun at all.

One of the worst days as a pet veterinarian I have had was when a husky came in after the pet was hit by a car.

  • That hit by car accident completely mangled the poor husky.
  • I will spare you the gory details but needless to say he did not make it, and it was devastating.
  • It is extremely heartbreaking when as the professional you cannot do anything for your client or for their pet.
  • We tried our best, and that is all we could do.
  • He had the most gorgeous blue eyes… had.
  • It was especially hard on me because it reminded me of a husky I had growing up.
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While as a doctor I can preach about pet safety all day, anyone who has owned a husky knows the unique nature of the breed.

The Story

Growing up, we had a six-foot wooden fence, brand new. Our adolescent husky felt like going for a run. He managed to CLEAR that fence and run straight into a car. The car did not run into HIM. HE ran into the side of a CAR.

This pet hit by car accident was intense to witness.

  • Thank goodness we lived in suburbia so the car was at most going 15 mph.
  • The man got out of the car and asked if our dog was okay while examining his car for any dents, not taking a second glance at our dog.
  • Our dog was stunned for a moment, and then he walked away unhinged.
Travel Animal Doctor

A pet hit by car accident is a scary experience. -Travel Animal Doctor

A Husky Personality

  • Our husky, Malichi, managed to find a way out of our fully fenced in backyard a few times and would just run and run.
  • When he was bored that seemed to be his game.
  • He enjoyed being wild, free and on his own, even if only for some short spurts.
  • But what if he had not been so lucky during his escapes? Life happens, and dogs will be dogs.

The two most important things to know as a responsible pet owner is how to take care of an emergency when it happens to improve the likelihood of saving your pet and how to best avoid these situations all together.

There were over six million acknowledged pet hit by car accidents in the United States last year. -Travel Animal Doctor

  • In the following articles I will be giving helpful tips on prevention of pet hit by car accidents and how to act in a pet hit by car situation.
  • I hope by providing these articles, owners can find solutions to a common and overwhelmingly upsetting problem in the pet owner and veterinary community.

If you find this article to be important or interesting, please take a look at “Prevent Your Pet from Being Hit By a Car” and “How to Save Your Pet After a Hit By Car Accident”.

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