5 Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Farmer’s Market

5 Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Farmer’s Market

5 Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Farmer’s Market

Promote healthy living for your family, exercise your dog, and support your local farmers by going to a pet-friendly farmer’s market.

1. Convenience

Since my husband and I often go on hikes with our dog, Jade, on the weekends, it is convenient to stop by a pet-friendly farmer’s market on the way home.

2. Avoiding GMO's

Consuming genetically modified organisms is not healthy. By buying locally and fresh, you may be able to avoid genetically engineered foods easier than you would in a grocery store.

3. Avoiding Excessive Sugar Intake

You also do not have to worry as much about buying foods with excessive sugars.

After watching the movie, Fed Up on Netflix, I was appalled that you will not find a percent daily value of sugar in your nutritional facts.

It took some digging of my own to even find the daily requirements for sugar on the internet.

The recommended daily sugar intake for women is 6 teaspoons according to the American Heart Association (AHA) which is 24 grams a day. 

Many other sources reported that 20 grams of sugar a day is the AHA daily requirement of sugar for women.

The AHA daily sugar intake recommendation for men is 9 teaspoons of sugar a day, or 36 grams a day. 

In one can of Pepsi there are 25.6  grams of sugar.

I found it shocking that even orange juice, apple juice, and Nesquick chocolate milk have more grams of sugar in one drink than is healthy for my heart for one day according to Sugar Delirium Blog.

My next trip to the grocery store was pretty sad. I came to the realization that the grams of sugar per serving on the back of snack and frozen foods that were meant to be healthy meant they were actually horrible for my health.

While things were labeled as “Low fat”, or “Light in calories”, the sheer amount of sugar in the product made it very unhealthy.

What I remember most from the movie is a study on lab rats that proved that sugar was more addictive than crack.

It helps me understand that those sugar cravings I get are not entirely my fault.

4. Spoiling the Pet

During the busy week our dog does not get to go out with us much.

On our latest trip to a pet-friendly farmer’s market I met three girl scouts who were “manning” the farmer’s market booth for the day in order to achieve their badges.

Any questions that we had about the pet-friendly farmer’s market could be answered by these knowledgeable young women.

They pointed to a bowl of water for pets that was set out. The sun was beaming so it was nice to know that our furry friend was covered.

Many pet-friendly farmer’s markets even have booths that sell homemade dog treats. 

5. Support Americans

It is a good feeling when we can support our American farmers.

Interacting with those who personally worked to grow and make our food is for me, a very positive experience.

My husband and I make a point to go to a farmer’s market as often as we can.

I feed my sugar addiction by buying fresh fruits for smoothies.

Sometimes I splurge on goats milk or goat cheese for healthy and creamy smoothies or salads.

The Windmill Meadows has the best goat cheese, milk and ice-cream that I have ever tasted.


  • Finally, I buy fresh vegetables that can also be used in salads or cooked for dinner.
  • There are also often booths with homemade salsa, pickles, bread, sweets and meats.
  • Lately I have even seen booths selling vegetarian burgers!

I always feel better after coming home from a pet-friendly farmer’s market.

Not only is Jade happy to be with us during our errands, but I take pride in knowing that our family is trying our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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