This Pet-Friendly Beach Gave Me Crabs –

This Pet-Friendly Beach Gave Me Crabs –

Bowers Beach is a public pet-friendly beach located in Bowers, Delaware –

My husband and I took a road trip with our dog, Jade, so that we could see what all of the hype was about in the spring horseshoe crabs event.

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“All About the Horseshoe Crabs”,

click here for a quick overview on the mating rituals of the horseshoe crabs.

Arrival to Bowers Beach

We arrived in the early afternoon and excitedly made our way to the beach with our doggy bags, towels, and phones to snap pictures and videos.

The sight of this prehistoric looking crab was absolutely spectacular.

Though the species have been around longer than dinosaurs, flying insects, and people, individuals have a lifespan of around twenty years.

Crabs, Crabs, Crabs

The horseshoe crabs become sexually mature at around ten years of age, at which point they scurry ashore during new and full moons each spring, when high tides can sweep them high up on the beachfront to mate.

Sometimes the crabs would get stuck on their backs and would require our help to turn them right-side up.

By the end of the trip my husband and I were crab- flipping naturals, saving thirty toppled crabs so that they could fulfill their reproductive goals.

My husband and I were not the only ones that were intimidated by the sight of this living ancient relic.  

Jade’s New Friend

Jade, startled by the creature and the incoming waves, sat directly on top of her “pet parents” as often as she could.

While Jade’s first time on the pet-friendly beach seemed pretty overwhelming, she had a huge grin the entire time and spent her time sniffing the air and people watching.

The Stingray

An added bonus to our trip was running into a gentleman who lived next to the beach, and was walking the beach with his grandson.

As I was edging closer to the scary looking crabs for better pictures, my husband suddenly exclaimed,

“WOAH, did he just catch a STINGRAY?!”

I peered over to the direction he was looking to see what the fisherman had wrangled in.

Sure enough, the stunned fisherman and crowd gawked at the gigantic stingray he had captured, when a second gentleman swooped in to help.

Running over, I photographed the rescuer safely returning the stingray into the water.

The rescuer gave me permission to publish his pictures and the story, and told me about two osprey he had been watching in a huge nest on the outskirts of town.


The Osprey

These captivating birds would be a professional photographer’s dream.

Since I only had my iPhone there was no way I could truly capture the beauty of these birds.

The osprey were raising chicks on a tall pole at the outskirts of town.

With the local’s instructions, my husband and I were able to see these majestic birds soaring through the air, collecting food and guarding their young.


While I was unable to get close-up photographs of these quick birds, I did get a long distance picture of their nest, located at the entrance of town.

In Summary

So while Jade was afraid of the water and the crabs, she enjoyed her first time on the pet-friendly beach. My husband and I were able to see wild horseshoe crabs.

Though we were at first concerned about touching the crabs, by the end of the day we were crab-flipping machines.

Thanks to the help of a grandfather and son, the stingray returned safely into the bay.

Finally a family of ospreys gave us a special farewell show as we drove away from our adventure.

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