How to Find the Perfect Cat for Adoption- Travel Animal Doctor

How to Find the Perfect Cat for Adoption- Travel Animal Doctor

When looking for the perfect cat to adopt for the family, it can be quite difficult.

Not because there are a lack of cats to choose from, but because there are so many adorable cats just waiting for you to take them home. So how do you find the perfect cat for your household? Where can you go to find kittens and cats galore?

Look no further than below to read tips to find the perfect feline companion for your home:

The Search for the Purr-fect Pet for You

Our family has been in the search for a kitty for the last few weeks. We have gone back and forth about whether or not to get one, but finally decided to just go for it. Jade, our dog, loves all animals. My husband and I thought the right cat could make the perfect companion.

adopt a cat

Adopting the perfect cat.

Finding a cat that gets along with our dog was an interesting challenge. We visited three animal shelters but it was hard to pick just one. While I would love one cat my husband loved another. My friend, a feline-only practitioner, has a quote that comes to mind for this, “Cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.”

Unfortunately one is all we can have in our apartment.

The following is how our family found our perfect meow -tastic bud.

3 Avenues to Find the Perfect Pet

1. Animal Shelters

Visiting neighboring animal shelters is always fun. The past few weekends my husband and I have stopped by a few animal shelters and found many potential companions, but we couldn’t agree on our favorite.

2. Petco Cat Adoption Events

Conveniently around the same time that we began our search, Petco was having a cat adoption event. Though we were just stopping in Petco for a second to pick up more dog food for Jade, the cats sidetracked us in an instant. We pet them and cuddled with a few. Again a funny thing happened, and my husband and I had different favorite cats. We decided to go home and think about it some more before taking the leap.


The next time the thought came across our minds to look for a kitty cat, we decided to take our search online. As soon as we got on Petfinder the rest was history. All we had to do was type in our zipcode and requirements and at the touch of a button, we were searching pages and pages of adorable cats ready for adoption. Suddenly we came across a cat that screamed, “I’m your guy”. Almost simultaneously we both exclaimed, we need to get that cat.

His name is Olaf.

perfect feline adoption

Olaf was the perfect feline adoption.

Olaf is all white with heterochromasia, more easily understood as “mismatched eyes”. In the primary picture on Petfinder his eyes both appeared light blue. Looking at another picture we could clearly see that one eye was light blue while the other was light green.

The Selling Point

The selling point was not just his unique eyes. What caught our attention most was the description next to his name. In bold-faced letters were the words, “I LOVE DOGS”.

Finally, Jade’s purr-fect companion. My husband and I quickly filled out an application form to adopt Olaf.  Soon after the application was filled out, we received an email from the adoption coordinator. The next day I called the coordinator for a chat  and she set me up with the contact information of the foster parent for Olaf.

Olaf’s foster family met Joe and I late last week.  Joe and I fell in love with Olaf on the spot and brought him home the day we met him.

found the perfect cat

We found the perfect cat for us.

Since he has arrived (less than a week ago), our apartment has been slowly transforming into a kitty cat paradise. I am eager to start writing articles about cats with Olaf on my lap.

The internet makes adopting pets so easy. If you are yearning for a new pet at 10pm, all you have to do is go to Petfinder to find the newest member of your tribe.

Go on, you know you want to…

Adopting the perfect cat is only a few clicks away.


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  1. Its great to read about successful pet adoptions, there are too many neglected animals in this world so it is reassuring to see that someone is willing to take the time and energy to provide a cat a safe, loving home to live in.


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