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Orangutans Endangered due to Palm Oil

Orangutans Endangered due to Palm Oil

How, exactly, are the orangutans endangered due to palm oil?

Jade here, barking for the orangutans.

What do the words slavery, animal abuse, and murder have in common?

These words, as well as deforestation and complete environmental destruction, are linked to an ongoing plight targeting orangutans and people of Indonesia and Malaysia due to the palm oil industry. My mom worked with orangutans at one of her veterinary externships.

One time humom came home with an enchanting tale about caring for an estranged baby orangutan. The baby orangutan wore a diaper and hugged her tight as he peered up at her with his big deep brown eyes. As Humom told me this story I witnessed a far away look of dismay in her eyes.

Schristia / Foter / CC BY-SA

I waited patiently as I often do when Humom gets sad in the middle of a good story.

After a minute, I detected those familiar crows feet and licked her face to welcome her smile’s return. Joy overcame humom as she remembered how the small orangutan grasped around her waist and took food straight from her spoon to his lips.

I begged humom to tell me why she was upset.

It was then that I learned the predicament orangutans are in. They are being kicked out of their homes in the wild so consumers can have cheap peanut butter, candy, cookies, cosmetics and conditioners.

Poor are enslaved to work in the palm oil industry. Poachers slaughter adult orangutans for meat and illegal trade.

_paVan_ / Foter / CC BY

It is important to save the Asian rainforests from the devastation caused by palm oil industry farming.

With the advent of increasingly savvy technology, it has never been easier to be aware of products that contain this palm oil. This free barcode scanner app makes it possible to use your smartphone to verify that what you are purchasing is free of palm oil from the “bad farms”. Now that is a convenient way to be a conscientious consumer!

Alternatively, consumers can print off hyperlinked resources throughout this article as a shopping aid.

Supporting members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and those that use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) will help the cause.

Lists have been formulated of products that do not use palm oil.

Many different ingredients come from palm oil. The trick is knowing what product lines use it.

Check out this touching video from Youtube:

Since the population of orangutans has declined from 60,000 to 40,000 in places like Borneo and Sumatra in the last decade, a public outcry and change must occur soon.

While consumers can say no to buying bad products it becomes difficult to keep your hands clean when you don’t even know they are getting dirty.

Although I have never met an orangutan myself, my mom has shown me pictures of how close primates (other than humans) can be to my canine species. Just like my mother hopes her voice will be heard, I too want to add my barks to incite the canine community to act.

Orangutans Endangered due to Palm Oil

Jade is daydreaming about sustainability in Asia and a healthier climate for our families.

I hope that one day my howls on this subject will be heard, understood, and answered throughout the animal kingdom.

Click here to help save the orangutans endangered due to palm oil.

Support companies that do not use palm oil in their products. Do your part by clicking here to sign this petition.

*Any links that appear gold are hyperlinked. Click on these gold words for your ease and research to look up more information on this subject and ethical consumer solutions.

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