Orange Sangrita on the Rocks – Travel Animal Doctor

Orange Sangrita on the Rocks – Travel Animal Doctor

Relive the essence of summer with this orange sangrita drink in hand. – Travel Animal Doctor


  • 12 oz. Limeade (Frozen)
  • 1 mandarin orange
  • 4 oz triple sec
  • 1 lime
  • 8 oz. tequila
  • 12 oz. Mexican beer of choice (Dos Equis, Corona, or Tecate for example)
  • Margarita or sea  salt for the rims
  • Ice
Easy Orange Sangrita Drink

Orange Sangrita Drink: Macy can sniff but she can’t touch. Sorry pup. This drink is for humans only, 21 +.



  1. Unpeel the mandarin orange and chop into bite sized pieces.
  2. Slice the lime.
  3. Mix together the triple sec, tequila, mexican beer and limeade in a large pitcher.
  4.  Stir in the frozen limeade until completely uniform with the rest of the fluids.
  5. Add ice and mandarin orange bits into the pitcher and stir.
  6. Save a few whole slices of lime to place on your glass rims, while adding the rest into the pitcher.
  7. Wet the rim of your glass and add salt to the rim edges.
  8. Fill your glass with the finished orange sangrita.
  9. Add an umbrella for an extra beachy feel.
  10. Wah la! This recipe is complete and ready to drink.

    fresh orange sangrita

    Fresh Orange Sangrita Sniff of Approval

Fresh from the kitchen, Macy gives her sniff of approval. Sorry Macy, this drink is not for you.

End of the SummeR “R” Phases


  • What will I do when I can’t buy anymore farmer’s market ingredients for my fresh homemade salsa?
  • Where will the nice weather go?


  • Where did the time go?
  • What happened to that plan we devised to spend the summer at the beach?
  • Forget the heat wave. Why didn’t I go outside more?


  • Children are all back in school, and the temptation of that neighborhood ice cream truck is gone.
  • There are less distractions to complete work.
  • No more sun burn.


  • It’s almost time for the fall television show line up.
  • I’ve been missing my shows all summer long.
orange sangrita on the rocks

One Orange Sangrita on the Rocks – Travel Animal Doctor

This recipe is perfect for making my end of summer transition an even more positive experience.


  • With swimsuit season over, I am ready to eat my favorite “veg out” meals: pizza and tacos.
  • I always have next year for that sweet summer escape.


  • Take a mental trip back to the beach with this sangrita recipe.
  • Enjoy your sangrita on the back porch with the cool breeze in the air.

Salt is the perfect finish to this sweet and sour sangrita recipe. The mandarin orange and lime offer a fresh and citrusy taste.

This orange sangrita recipe is an alcoholic beverage of choice, perfect alongside a delicious Mexican dish. – Travel Animal Doctor

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