Mexican Grilled Watermelon

Mexican Grilled Watermelon
mexican grilled watermelon

Take a load off your mind as this summer with this tasty Mexican grilled watermelon recipe.

This Mexican grilled watermelon is true mexicana summer soul food.

Together with family, friends and neighbors, vegetarians abound can join in on the festivities of grilling out.  Kick up ones feet and bask in the sun while awaiting deliverance of this juicy score, the Mexican grilled watermelon wedge. Be joyous in the fact that the best grill outs of the season are ones where all loved ones are invited, regardless of personal preferences over what they eat and when. Though the aroma of cravings could easily sway a compassionate heart, be satisfied in knowing that cheap vegetarian alternatives that taste just as juicy, if not juicier, are hitting the market by storm.

One such relatively new “meat substitute” sweeping the nation has this Earth friendly health- conscious vegetarian dreaming over the endless possibilities of satiation. Ivy league researchers and environmentalists who are zoning in on resolving issues stemming from commercially manufactured animal products are making a name for themselves with a new start-up called Impossible Foods. Contradictory to the name, bioengineered burgers containing “plant blood” are now a possible alternative option for vegetarians who crave meatier sustenance.

mexican grilled watermelon

Sweeten up your life with this mexican grilled watermelon.

The heart and soul of every American family during the summertime- staying in and grilling out!


  • 2 inch watermelon
  • baste with cilantro lime sauce
  • salt both sides

Cilantro Lime Sauce:

  • 2 TBS lime sauce
  • 2 tsp cilantro paste
  • 1/4 c. grapeseed oil


mexican grilled watermelon

Sweeten your cookbook with this mexican grilled watermelon recipe.

Living the sweet and sultry American dream, one grilled watermelon wedge at a time.


  1. Baste mexican grilled watermelon wedges on both sides with cilantro lime sauce.
  2. Grill these babies up, 5 minutes at a time.
  3. Enjoy your mexican grilled watermelon recipe!
mexican grilled watermelon

This mexicana grilled watermelon recipe is pure heart.

Taking the high road to injustices that tear at the heart strings of humanity can catapult a life to dimensions beyond one’s wildest dreams.

As a wedge is being prepared, laugh and joke with your in-laws and salivate over the endless satisfaction of this tasty Mexican grilled watermelon. Bask in the glory of knowing that this grilling recipe is just one of many a health-conscious individual can adapt into ones diet in order to live towards a more purposeful tomorrow. Rejoice over knowing that dedicated individuals at every level have already stepped in to provide a more sustainable economy for all. This environmentally-conscious lifestyle choice is available to anyone who seeks to pursue peaceful solutions within the food industry. Understand that kind family, friends and neighbors are an available support system eager to hear and stand by your world view. So appreciate this Mexican grilled watermelon and let go of fear. Fit into this society like a glove and have faith that one deserves to prosper for ones’ efforts. Ponder over a beautiful future where family, friends and neighbors can coexist as a softer, highly educated, and advanced society, grilling out and spacing out under the Sun.

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