9 Quick Tips for taking Extra Long Road Trips with your Cats

9 Quick Tips for taking Extra Long Road Trips with your Cats

When traveling involves taking your cats along, it can become difficult when you need to take extra long road trips with your cats.


Not only do you need to be concerned with the road, but you also have to make sure that your cats are safe throughout the road trip. Just as significant as keeping your cats safe, is the age old dilemma of where your cats are going to go to the bathroom. While you and human passengers can just stop at a gas station, it is not as easy for your furry feline counterparts.
traveling with felines

Traveling with felines.

A cat should not have to hold his or her bladder during long trips. It is important to give your cat access to a litter box on the road. Forcing your cat to “hold it” can cause bladder infections. If you have kittens, their bladders will be even smaller.
Besides the problem of where will your pet pee, you do not want to deprive him of water during the long trip. Your cats should stay hydrate and cool throughout the trip. Avoid overheating by ensuring air circulation is always present for your pets. Supply water in a bowl that cannot spill to avoid dehydration.

Here are nine quick tips for what to remember when you need to hit the road with your felines in the backseat.

1. Cage

Fit a cage large enough for your cat/cats in the backseat, with a litter box and water.

Water Bowl

Use a bowl that can hook to the side of the cage to avoid water spilling.

3. Water

Bring extra water in case you need to refill the bowl throughout your trip.

4. Litter

Bring extra kitty litter for litter box and bags to remove dirty litter.
long road trip with your cat

A cage for the long road trip with your cat.

5. Treats

Regularly give treats to make positive experience for your cats.

6. Veterinary Visit

Before the trip have a vet tech demonstrate how to pill your cat in case you need to give anxiety medication.

7. Cat Emergency Kit

Have an emergency bag available with anxiety medications, pill pockets, and a syringe for water from your veterinarian when traveling, in case you need to manually pill your cat.

8. Avoid Toxins

Make sure that caffeinated drinks, gum and other “human road trip foods” are out of reach from your cats.

9. Avoid String

Make sure strings, yarn, zip ties, hair bands, and rubber bands are out of reach. Ingestion of these items can result in intestinal obstruction.
Personal Recommendations:
We use a large metal cage that was originally for our chocolate labrador retriever mix, Jade. You can place the cage in the back of your SUV and ensure water bowl is attached to metal bars to prevent spilling.
road trip with your cat

Going on a road trip with your cat?

One tip for before the trip is to make sure the water bowl fits on the metal bars of the cage. Some bowls cannot fit on the metal bars of a large cage.

Wishing you safe travels on your next long road trip with your cats!

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