Kitty – Proofing Your House for a New Cat with Lids – Travel Animal Doctor

Kitty – Proofing Your House for a New Cat with Lids – Travel Animal Doctor

Kitty – proofing the home for a newly adopted cat can sometimes be a challenge. – Travel Animal Doctor

The adventure continues with our family and our new cat, Poseidon.

Our domestic short-haired cat, Poseidon, was recently adopted by our family from the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. As soon as we got him we knew that our lives had changed forever.

Soon after we brought Poseidon home, we realized he was an extremely curious cat. We shut doors to closets and rooms so he would not be over- stimulated, and so that he could get used to one room at a time.

Even with the doors shut he has had a way of getting into everything that he can.

The following are a few things our family has done in order to kitty – proof our house.

1. Lids to Your Yarn

While we were already warned that Poseidon loves toilet paper, we did not think to cover our yarn.

Kitty - proof

Kitty – proof Your Yarn

In a flash he found the basket of yarn and went crazy with the array of colorful strands that he could unroll.

2. Lid to the Litter Box

We ordered a self- cleaning litter box before we took Poseidon home. He ended up coming home with us before it got here so we got the second litter box set up for him but did not bother to get a lid since the expensive one was on the way. We also heard he loved to climb so we went to Home Depot to buy shelves to build on one of our walls.

While we were gone Poseidon decided to make a disaster of his litter box without the lid. It appeared he had rolled around in it as well because he was covered in litter. It was his first full day with us, and we ended up having to give him a bath.

kitty - proofed

Poseidon Covered in Litter – Travel Animal Doctor

Giving a cat a bath is a whole other topic for a whole other day. After getting Poseidon clean we had 30 minutes to get to the nearest pet store before it closed for the night and get a lid for the litter box.

Since the lid, the other litter box also arrived. With the two litter boxes and his cat bath, we have not had to worry about him rolling in his litter box again.

3. Lid to Trash Cans

It may be easier just to say if there is a lid available for a container, just make sure it is lidded when you have adopted a curious cat. Before we lidded our trash, Poseidon found his way in it.

4. Lid to Your Food

Poseidon’s curiosity is second only to his appetite. If food is left out on the counter we might as well call it his.

As far as ” kitty – proofing ” goes, lids work very well for our household.  While Poseidon gets into something new everyday, we are right behind him ready to put a lid on it.



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