JGI: Meeting Dr. Jane Goodall -travelanimaldr.com

JGI: Meeting Dr. Jane Goodall -travelanimaldr.com
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This Earth Day, I want to recognize Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) for, “Sowing the Seeds of Hope”. -travelanimaldr.com

Her seminar, "Sowing the Seeds of Hope", was held at the DAR Constitutional Hall in Washington D.C. on Friday night, April 17, 2015.

The standing ovation for this soft-spoken, yet illustrious woman made every celebration for the triumphant winner of each season of Hell’s Kitchen pale in comparison. 

Were Dr. Jane Goodall’s admirers clapping for her substantial scientific advancements; her dedication to establishing environmental awareness around the globe; or her devoted education of their children through her “Roots & Shoots” program? Maybe they were clapping in regards to her outstanding notable awards and achievements. Most likely the support she received was due to a multitude of these reasons. Regardless of the rationale behind our appreciation, Dr. Jane deserves every moment of our praise.


Jade and Mr. H Junior - travelanimaldr.com

My husband and I made a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute in honor of our rescue dog, Jade.

Jade loves the blanket she received and can be seen above posing with her new friend (and my good luck charm), Mr. H Junior, from the event. -travelanimaldr.com

Story Telling

Dr. Goodall’s natural ability for story telling kept me captivated from the moment that she began speaking. Her reminiscent voice launched my imagination in a way that, in one-minute I was in the lecture hall, and the next, I was transported to a ridge in Gombe National Park, Tanzania.

A feeling of devastation overcame me, as I envisioned a green, evergreen forest, then quickly saw it turn to smog. In front of me now were just desolate mountains, devoid of trees and greenery due to deforestation. I was relieved when later in the lecture; Dr. Goodall brought me back to Gombe. My feelings of helplessness disappeared.

The Solution


I was taken to an enchanting evergreen forest. This time, it was restored greener, and healthier than ever. I listened as Dr. Jane explained the integral part she played in restoring her home to its natural state. Dr. Jane Goodall had created a station in Gombe where volunteers went to educate inhabitants and spread environmental awareness.

Through kindness, hope and education, the volunteers were able to teach the significance of this national park to the Tanzanians, and the community was able to restore the Gombe National Park.


Hope for Animals and Their World -travelanimaldr.com

Dr. Jane Goodall's tales were so vivid, the hours spent learning from her seemed to pass in seconds.

Following the seminar she signed a book for every attendee.

My book, her latest called, “Hope for Animals and Their World”, features significant endangered species who “are being rescued from the brink” of extinction.

In this book, she, along with Thane Maynard and Gail Hudson, write about successful noteworthy conservation projects around the world.


Through her written and spoken words, “Hope” is a resonating theme. Of utmost important to her is conservation education to the younger generation, who is not yet stinted by everyday jobs and biases.

Dr. Jane has started the “Roots & Shoots” program for just that reason. “Hope for Animals and Their World” commends the efforts made by scientists who have committed their entire livelihoods to save animals and make discoveries.

The important take home message from the seminar for me was to stay positive and try, get involved, and ignore the perpetual drone of naysayers.

Together, we can make a difference. -travelanimaldr.com





  1. Awe so snuggly with a toy in bed. Happy Earth Day.

  2. What a great idea to share Jane’s book on this Earth Day!

  3. PAWfect day to share this. Happy Earth Day

  4. Wow, how cool! I have grown up following her achievements. So awesome!

  5. What a wonderful blessing to hear Dr. Goodall speak. I’ve always appreciated the fact that she appears to care as much about the people in and around Gombe as the animals. Conservation always works best when it takes the needs of all living creatures into consideration.

    • Great thought. She really does a great job explaining the need for conservation for longterm survival of all species- not just the particular species a specific project is studying.

  6. Sounds like a great woman and a wonderful event. Hope is extremely important in our lives, as well as taking care of our planet.

    • You are so right. Both hope and taking care of our planet are necessary for our own future.


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