Green Spring Gardens Park Review – Travel Animal Doctor

Green Spring Gardens Park Review – Travel Animal Doctor

Visit Green Spring Gardens Park in Alexandria, VA for a peaceful botanical experience.

The Story:

The Green Spring Gardens park has a way of calming the busiest of minds.

There are ponds with fountains and turtles, and the biggest lily pads I have ever seen. If you live in Northern Virginia, or are even passing through, this small garden park is worth the stop.

My dog Jade and I visited the Green Spring Gardens park when a fire alarm went off in our complex a few weeks before getting our cat, Poseidon.  Instead of waiting outside with a boat load of people and their pets, we decided a quick outing would be a positive activity to brighten up our day.

Green Spring Gardens Park

Jade enjoys the sights and scents of Green Spring Gardens Park.

The Park:

Our luck instantly turned around when we saw a sign for the Green Spring Gardens Park.

Since Jade was there with me we did not go into the horticulture center or the library. There is a lot of parking available for free just outside the park. After parking, Jade and I walked down a gravel trail.

This gravel trail took us past a quaint historical home. Soon after this historical house we turned right onto a trail aside a small pond with a large fountain in the center.  Across the pond we could see 5 turtles sunning.

Green Spring Gardens

Jade watches the fountain in Green Spring Gardens Park.

The Woods:

Delighted, we continued on the path to see what we would come across next.

Around the corner from the first pond was a second pond with one side filled with lily pads. This pond also had a fountain in the center, and a park bench on the far side of the pond. Jade and I took a seat to take in the gorgeous view.

It was then that we noticed a pathway into the woods. We took a short 5 minute trek through the woods which lead us to the Green Spring Gardens.

The Gardens:

The gardens had an assortment of flowers and plants around the perimeter of a cleanly fresh cut field of grass.

Young mothers were having picnics with their children in the grass.  Traversing along the different paths, Jade and I took in the scent of the red, orange, yellow, pink, violet and blue flowers. It was a perfect time and place for an impromptu photography session with Jade.

review for Green Spring Gardens Park

Jade gives a 5 star review for Green Spring Gardens Park.

The End:

By the end of our walk, Jade was smiling ear to ear. We were blessed to have stumbled upon such a pretty hidden gem.

What started as a gloomy day became a great delight. When we returned to the complex, we found out the fire alarm was a false alarm. All was well at Travel Animal Doctor.

Next time you are passing through Alexandria, Virginia I highly recommend a trip to the Green Spring Gardens Park.


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