“Endangered” By Eliot Schrefer – Travel Animal Doctor

“Endangered” By Eliot Schrefer – Travel Animal Doctor

Endangered is a fictional tale of a 14 year old American girl and bonobo who run for their lives amidst an African revolutionary war. – Travel Animal Doctor

The forward momentum and vivid characters of Endangered made it easy to read in two sittings.
The tale catapults the reader’s imagination to view a broken and demented civilization surrounded by plentiful jungle of which bushmeat hunters and soldiers are reaping the benefits. It helps the reader begin to understand a complicated situation in the Congo.
Traveling Vet

Democratic Republic of the Congo outline into a map of Africa.

The viewpoint in Endangered comes from a little girl focused on the survival of a bonobo she saved from a bushmeat hunter.
The American girl was visiting her mother, an owner of a bonobo sanctuary. Africa was in the midst of war.  The girl saw a bonobo being sold by the hunter and though she knew it was wrong to support the trade, she just had to pay for the bonobo to save it from the hunter.
She brought the bought bonobo to the sanctuary and her mother was irate. At that point there was nothing they could do.  The little girl cared for the bonobo and nursed it back to health. Her mother left for business and she was left to continue caring for her bonobo.
The War
The war was getting ugly and though she should have deported back to America, she refused to leave the bonobo behind.
Bad men entered the sanctuary to turn it into campgrounds and murdered everyone they could see. The girl escaped with her dear bonobo friend and entered the world of the bonobos through the entrance of an electric fence.
While she was safe from these men, she was now in a jungle with many wild bonobos. She now needed to survive among these wild animals or be killed by the men who set up camp right outside the electric fence.
The author explains the trials and tribulations of the bonobo population in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through the eyes of a mothering figure.

Endangered does not only provide an explanation to the suffering bonobo population in the DRC.

It also gives readers an overview and explanation of the behavior of these great apes.

If you are interested in the history of our distant relatives, the bonobos, this is a great introductionary tale. – Travel Animal Doctor

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