Dog Food, Treats, and Training- Travel Animal Doctor

Dog Food, Treats, and Training- Travel Animal Doctor

Jade here at Travel Animal Doctor, sitting patiently for my food and treats. 

Sit with me for a moment as I share some tasty and/or helpful pet products.

Travel Animal Doctor

Jade is ready to gobble up some Wild Calling! dog food- Travel Animal Doctor

At a Twitter party with Blog Paws, I won natural whitefish Wild Calls dog food. I enjoyed the flavor and ate up the contents quickly. Thanks Wild Calls and Blog Paws!

Blog Paws has regularly scheduled Twitter parties for anyone interested in partying with their pets on their laps. To learn more about BlogPaws, click here.

Travel Animal Doctor

Jade won a golden bone from PetTutor – Travel Animal Doctor

While I know that I am always a good girl, my humom says it more often when I behave. Here is a bit from my humom about a product that offers an easy training solution for pets.

Humom Takes It Away:

Do you feel like you are the only one in your group of friends with a bad behaving dog?- Travel Animal Doctor

It is especially embarrassing as a veterinarian when my dog misbehaves.

  • Do you hope to train your pet through positive reinforcement with food and treats?
  • By simply dispensing food and treats at the times your pet is being good, you are strengthening your dog’s good behaviors.

The Problem

  • Jade would get extremely excited and jump around when people she liked would come over to visit.
  • Since she is a large dog, her jumping could easily hurt someone.
  • It was a behavior that had to change.

The Solution

  • Jade’s humom read up on positive reinforcement.
  • Now whenever someone comes to the door Jade is instructed to sit and stay.
  • She has gotten much better through the use of positive reinforcement training.


The PetTutor system is a pet product that makes positive reinforcement simple. With the use of a remote you can dispense your pet’s treat into her food dish from across the room. This would allow you to give her a “good job” snack while running on your elliptical or carrying in groceries.

The PetTutor system sounds like a great way to train your pet easily even with the busiest of lifestyles.

Back to you Jade!

Travel Animal Doctor

Jade enjoys a gourmet dental treat. – Travel Animal Doctor

Thanks humom.


  • I was excited to receive a LifesAbundance gourmet dental treat sample in the mail yesterday.
  • As you can see in the picture I readily anticipated and enjoyed the honey peanut butter treat.

Queen Jade

  • I feel pretty fortunate to get to try all these products.
  • It must be karma because lately I have been told quite often that I am a good girl.
  • Between the golden bone charm and the food, life has me feeling like I am royalty.

Thank You!

Thanks for taking a moment with me to read about these fun pet products. Special thanks to Blog Paws, Wild Calling!, PetTutor, and for brightening our lives at Travel Animal Doctor with these special gifts. I have been wagging my tail all day over these pet products at Travel Animal Doctor.

Other Cool Products for Pets

  • If you have not yet had the opportunity to learn about the Skoubee medal to find lost pets, you may be interested in reading this article next.
  • If your dog needs a bath, check out my helpful tips on how to bathe your dog.
  • Have you heard of the monthly pet box company called PupJoy?
    • If not, click here to find out more about their cool pet concierge program.
    • If you are interested in ordering pet boxes from PupJoy, use coupon code: DrJessica at the check out for a 10% off discount off of any PupJoy subscription.

I hope you enjoyed your time here at Travel Animal Doctor. Barksta la vista and chow. Until next time, this is Jade signing off.

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  1. Lots of great tips (and treats) in this post. Those treats look yummy. I was lucky to meet the Pet Tutor founder at BlogPaws. It sounds like a great program.
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