Day One Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats Review- Travel Animal Doctor

Day One Apple Cinnamon Dog Treats Review- Travel Animal Doctor

The tantalizing scent of these Day One apple cinnamon dog treats have Jade drooling before she even gets a taste. – Travel Animal Doctor


Day One Apple Cinnamon Treats

  • As these are treats, they are not a substantive or main food source for your pet, and should be given sparingly to compliment a healthy pet diet.
  • Make sure that fresh water is always handy for your dog while he/she enjoys this drool-worthy apple cinnamon flavored snack.
Day One treats

Jade licks her chompers for Day One treats.

Apple Cinnamon Properties:

Pets should have fruit in moderation. The apple flavor in this treat offers just the moderation your pet needs. Apples have Vitamin C and antioxidant properties for your dog. Apples support gastrointestinal health and help with degenerative joint disease.

In this study from Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, cinnameldehyde was synthesized from cinnamon in the laboratory. Results of their research conclude that a chemical derived from cinnameldehyde has anti-cancer properties in animals. This finding indicates that cinnamon may have potential for use as an anticancer agent.


Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Oat Flour, Olive Water, Whole Egg, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Apple Concentrate, Ceylon Cinnamon


The size of these crunchy reward treats are perfect for a small congratulatory “good girl” or  “atta boy” treat.

day one treats

Jade drools over the smell of these Day One treats.

When I opened the bag, the aroma of the cinnamon was so prominent that my husband believed that I had lit a cinnamon scented candle somewhere in the household. When he realized that I had just opened a bag of apple cinnamon flavored treats to give one to Jade, he could not resist tasting a bit of an apple cinnamon treat for himself.

While the Day One apple cinnamon treats are human consumable, I cannot personally attest to whether or not I would put them in our human snack cupboard. If anyone would like me to ask my husband’s  opinion, I will gladly find out and add it to this Day One apple cinnamon treat review.

Jade drools excessively if she even sees my hand go towards the Day One bag of treats.

apple cinnamon dog treat

Jade is enjoying the taste of this apple cinnamon dog treat.

Jade gives these apple cinnamon treats two paws up.

If given her own choice, one day would be as long as it would take to eat a whole bag of Day One snacks for dogs.

While it is easy to fall for those puppy dog eyes, for her own health, we give her dog treats sparingly.

Jade enjoys her drool-worthy antioxidant apple cinnamon treats and barks in thanks to Day One for the complimentary bag of dog treats. – Travel Animal Doctor

Are you looking to make your own homemade apple cinnamon dog treats? If so, please stay tuned next Wednesday to find out some important “need to know” facts.

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