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Cumberland Trail, Chattanooga TN- Travel Animal Doctor

Cumberland Trail, Chattanooga TN- Travel Animal Doctor

The Cumberland Trail in Chattanooga, Tennessee is known for unique rock formations and picturesque views. – Travel Animal Doctor

Entering this state park by way of the North Chickamauga Creek Segment allows you to enjoy a brisk walk down to the creek to find crawdads before taking a breathtaking hike up the Hogskin Loop to the Coal Tipple Remnants and Open Mine.

This state park is pet-friendly and parking is free at the North Chickamauga Creek Segment. If you choose to take the Lower Hogskin Loop, I recommend that you take caution when hiking with your dog.

traveling vet

Met another traveling vet close to this water stream on my hike along Cumberland Trail.

As you ascend up the trail there are points in which the loop becomes pretty steep. If your version of a dog walk is your dog walking you, this trail may be too sharp of an incline.

The climb is exhilarating, and is for the most part canopied by trees. While the ample shade shelters you from the hot basking sun in the summer, mosquito repellant is highly recommended.

Travel Animal Doctor

An old tree stood majestically next to a stream on old coal mining road. – Travel Animal Doctor

Taking the Lower Hogskin Loop requires a moderate to high activity level for beginner hikers.  I am able to hike every other weekend if I am lucky, and I found some parts of the hike rather difficult.

If you watch the ground you many notice centipedes and toads. Small wildflowers can be found alongside of the Lower Hogskin Loop trail.

As an amateur hiker, it took me three to four hours to leisurely hike a littler further than the open mine and back to the parking lot. I did not make it to the Wood Stairs or the Boston Branch Overlook. While ascent up the Lower Hogskin Loop trail is difficult, the descent by way of the Upper Hogskin Loop was relatively easy.

If bringing your dog on a pet-friendly hike, I recommend taking the Upper Hogskin Loop trail. When the Lower Hogskin Loop trail meets the old coal mining road, you have the choice to take a right or a left. Taking a left less than one mile, you will reach a relatively large stream falling down the mountainside.

This stream was where we met a young couple who brought their lab with them on the hike.  The lab enjoyed walking through the water and cooling off before they continued on their way.

If you take a right from Lower Hogskin Loop onto old coal mining road, you will be on your way up to the Coal Tipple Remnants and Open Mine. You will come across another stream down the mountainside on your way to the Open Mine.

The Open Mine is a captivating sight. If you pass the Open Mine less than half a mile you will see a spectacular view below. Further past this view you will see very unique rock formations.

If you are visiting Chattanooga, TN I recommend hiking the Cumberland Mountain.  

Even if you only have a few hours free, the time spent here will be an enchanting and memorable experience. – Travel Animal Doctor

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  1. Gosh, that looks beautiful. It’s nice that state parks are pet friendly. We have taken Ruby to a few, but that one looks like a bit too much for her. Looks fun for humans though!
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