10 Must Haves to Clean a Smelly Dog

10 Must Haves to Clean a Smelly Dog

The following are 10 items our family needs to make dog bath time a success:

1) The smelly dog

Our particular smelly dog just got back from a long, strenuous and active hike that involved climbing rocks and being in the sun.

It is especially helpful for the dog to get a little exercise before bath time to help ease resistance in the bathing process.

2) Workout clothes or a swimsuit

It is important to remember not to wear your Sunday best for the cleaning of your smelly pooch. This is not the right circumstance to “dress to impress” even when getting bath time photographed.

“Ewe” should dress comfortably in clothes you are not overly concerned with getting wet because your wet dog WILL shake ALL over you.

3) Hair drain trap

To avoid a clogged drain we always have a hair drain trap on hand during the bath session.

A plug helps conserve water while we wash her. As soon as we empty the dirty water down the drain, we slip the hair drain trap over the drain to catch the fur.

4) Large plastic pail or bowl

A large Tupperware bowl or beach pail works perfectly to rinse off a localized, shampooed area.

5) Shower cap

To avoid getting water in your dog’s ears we use a shower cap.

Your dog will be dressed for the part and his ears will be less likely to get a secondary ear infection from moisture in the ears. Alternatively, cotton balls can be used. It should be noted that even if a product says it is safe around the eyes, I prefer to avoid shampooing the face during a bath.

6) Shampoo

Today we are using Rockin Paws shampoo, which smells great and lathers well. For short haired dogs, the shampoo can lather directly on the skin.

For long haired dogs, mixing the shampoo with water first can be helpful to equally distribution the shampoo.

7) Conditioner

Using conditioner on your pet can make the coat lustrous while soothing your pet’s skin.

8) Coat polishing and detangling spray

Does wonders to the coat by creating shine. It also acts to penetrate through fur for particularly tangled fur.

9) Coat de-matting and shine serum

This serum is slightly thicker than spray and is useful when you need concentrated deep conditioning in a particular area (such as a matted spot). You can also apply it along the entire coat for a healthy glow.

10) Patience

A healthy dose of patience goes a long way. Our dog does not appreciate bath time.

You can literally see her moping throughout her bath, and she cannot wait to be told it is okay to get out.

If you are not lucky enough to have a dog who likes being pampered and groomed, remember to be patient with your pooch.

Use positive reinforcement and give her food or treats so she knows it was not as bad as she made it out to be.

Jade gives Rockin’ Paws products two paws up, as does the rest of her family. She smells great, and has never felt softer.

I was able to brush out more of her dark black undercoat with the coat de-matting and polishing sprays. My husband was the first to say that she looked browner after we were finished with her grooming session. Now her brown outer coat really seems to pop.

These handy tips to clean the smelly dog will surely make your dog feel like she is spending a day at the spa while making her fur as soft as silk.

Good luck and have fun!

Your family and friends will thank you and appreciate your efforts after you make your dog fresh and clean.

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Disclaimer: The Rockin’ Paws products were given to us complimentary for review however all views expressed are my own.

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