Travel Animal Doctor: National Cherry Blossom Festival

Travel Animal Doctor: National Cherry Blossom Festival

This past weekend was the end of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.. – Travel Animal Doctor

Travel Animal Doctor

Checking out the National Cherry Festival- Travel Animal Doctor

Breathtaking Views

The majestic view of the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument, was intensified one thousand times over by the allure of the pink and white petals and aroma of sweet cherry blossoms in full bloom around the Tidal Basin.

Travel Animal Doctor

Blossoms across the Tidal Basin – Travel Animal Doctor

Prepare for Crowds

Monday the petals started blowing off of the trees in a whirlwind blizzard of delicate colors and sprinkled the ground like a carpet of petals across the Tidal Basin walkway.

As the sun set, crowds of people were photographing the spectacular scenery before them. It seemed like every family from the Washington D.C. surrounding areas had the same idea to catch a lasting glimpse of the natural beauty in the Capital.

As the crowd shuffled along, it was hard to stop for fear that the people behind would be caught in a foot traffic jam.

Travel Animal Doctor

Blossoms and the Washington Memorial -Travel Animal Doctor

Glamorous Beauty

Under the cherry blossom trees the petal carpet is so dense that all you see is white and pink. A reminder to all responsible pet owners in the area, that when seeing this beautiful petal carpet, do not forget about the potential toxic threat cherry trees are to your cats, dogs and horses.

Even though we enjoyed the sights, smells, and beautiful weather we needed to keep a watchful eye on Jade because being the curious canine that she is, her sniffer was going a million miles a minute. On a normal hike or walk through the park this would not be a big deal.  

Inedible to Pets

But with the carpet of cherry blossom petals and cherry trees lining the Tidal Basin as far as the eye could see, the environment was cause for concern. Luckily Jade is very good and kept her mouth off of the ground.  But I wonder if the other pet owners were lucky enough to have dogs that kept their noses sniffing the air instead of the floor. 

A basket muzzle to help avoid her picking up things from the ground may have been helpful to ease my “pet parental” anxiety during my first time experiencing the glorious cherry blossoms.

Toxic Parts

The stems, seeds and leaves especially contain toxins called cyanogenic glycosides. Cyanide poisoning from consumption of these parts can cause shock, difficulty breathing, brick red mucous membranes, panting, dilated pupils and death.

If there is a cherry tree in front of your residence try to walk further away from the area when taking your pet outside. If you see any of these clinical signs or see your pet ingesting any part of the cherry tree, do not hesitate to take it to the veterinary office. The plant is most toxic when it is in the process of wilting.

Travel Animal Doctor

Cherry blossoms – Travel Animal Doctor

As you gaze at the grandeur of trees and flowers in bloom, do not forget to pay careful attention to your pet. Cherry trees are not the only flora that are toxic to your pet.

Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Daffodils, Crocus, and Lilies are other examples of poisonous plants when consumed by pets.

Spring is in the air, but with it bloom potential dangers for your furry family member. If you are unsure if a flower or plant is good for your pet, it is best to avoid the plant just in case.

Travel Animal Doctor

Keep an eye out for your furry friends – Travel Animal Doctor

 When taking your pets on walks this spring, remember certain flowers and plants when consumed, are potentially dangerous to your furry friends. -Travel Animal Doctor


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  1. Stunning photos. I’ve never seen the cherry blossoms in person, but maybe someday. Thank you for sharing.

  2. So beautiful! I would love to go to the National Cherry Blossom festival one day! I think the sights and aromas would be amazing!

  3. That dog-and-cat bundle is WAY too cute for words!

  4. what a wonderful picture. I am near DC and totes missed the festival! Dangit! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. So beautiful! Hard to fathom when something so pretty is so toxic!

  6. Awe the first photo is so so so adorable.

  7. They’re enjoying a lovely cuddle!

    The cherry blossom is very beautiful, but it’s good to learn we need to be careful.

    • Absolutely! It is easy to forget when your attention is on the beauty of spring.

  8. Thank you for coming over! So beautiful pictures! I try to ignore all spring photos, because I’m jealous, but I couldn’t stop watching at them.


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