Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part I

Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part I

Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part I

It was quite a treat meeting the pet bloggers from BlogPaws 2015 conference.

The bark-tastic business conference, BlogPaws, took over the Sheraton Music City Hotel on May 28-30, 2015 with a howl. 

While I was only able to attend for a day, it was a really great experience meeting extremely talented fellow bloggers from the BlogPaws community. 

I was not able to run into everybody that I would have liked to, but there is always next year! The people I did manage to run into were as wonderful and accepting as they have been to me since the creation of this blog a few months ago. 

I am also eager to keep in touch with all of the new people I have met, many of whom, ended up living extremely close to me! 

Thank you to the many caring and fantastic pet bloggers from BlogPaws 2015, for making my trip to Nashville, TN a ball.

<b>1. Tom Collins</b>

First, and foremost, I want to thank Tom Collins, the Director of Education, Development & Recruiting for BlogPaws.

As a first time attendee, I was nervous and unsure where to go after attending the keynote speaker. I recognized Tom Collins in the lobby from the BlogPaws website, and was happy to see a familiar face.

After introducing myself, he introduced me to sponsors and some fellow veterinarians. With his guidance, I was introduced to many people I may have otherwise not had the chance to meet.

<b>2. A Tonk's Tail</b>

A Tonk’s Tail is a pet blog about three stunning and “opinionated cats”.

Not only are these cats opinionated, but they are also extremely intelligent.

The photography on this website is terrific and I have really been enjoying reading the Monday Medical section which discusses diseases specific to our feline friends.

<b>3. Horsetrotting and Dogtrotting</b>

Horse Trotting and Dog Trotting are magazine-style blogs about travel for horse and dog lovers.

The most recent post on Horse Trotting is a captivating story about riding in Las Vegas to the top of the Red Rock Mountain.

On Dog Trotting, the most recent post features canoeing with a canine friend in Byng Island Park in Dunnville, Ontario.

If you are a dog or horse lover and need some inspiration to plan your next vacation, these websites are great for reviews and ideas of places to go.  

<b>4. Puccini Foundation</b>

Joan DeMartin, blogger for Bocci’s Beefs and the Puccini Foundation, explained the vision of the Puccini Foundation; A cancer free future for pets and people alike.

Donors have the choice to donate to ongoing pet cancer research, pet cancer awareness or pet parent financial aid.

The website shares stories of special pet cancer patients and gives you information on how you can further become involved with the Puccini Foundation.

Check out their website to learn more about this wonderful non-profit organization. 

It was a pleasure meeting so many like-minded individuals. Being surrounded by so many dog, cat, pet, and animal lovers really made my day.

British kitten  and dog dachshund

British kitten and dog dachshund

I am eager to get to know everybody from BlogPaws.

Thank you to BlogPaws speakers, sponsors, staff and bloggers for making my first time at the BlogPaws conference a success.

It was a blast meeting all the bloggers from BlogPaws2015 and I look forward to BlogPaws 2016.






  1. I can’t remember if we met our not, but it was a great event, just too many dogs/cats and not enough time! Love Dolly

    • It is a pleasure meeting you Dolly. It was a wonderful event, and I am looking forward to Arizona.

  2. I agree, one of the most memorable and inspiring parts of the weekend was meeting so many liked minded individuals – really special!


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