Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part II

Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part II

Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part II

This is a continuation of my first post entitled, “Inspirational Pet Bloggers from BlogPaws 2015: Part I”.

I attended the 2015 Blog Paws conference in Nashville, TN a few weeks ago and during that time, I met many outstanding bloggers.

It became difficult for me to finish my a”paws”, err.. applause.. at just one post.

In my last article, I wrote about four outstanding bloggers who I give two paws up.

This post is my “Part II” sharing my admiration for bloggers from BlogPaws 2015.

<b>5. Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery & Dental Care</b>

I am extremely interested in checking out Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care, as it is in Richmond, VA, close to where I reside.

I am inspired by the mission for the clinic, to avoid euthanasia by providing low cost surgery for your pet.

“Be Chilly’s P.E.E.P” by doing your part in becoming a, “preventing economic euthanasia partner” today.

If your pet needs surgery and you do not know if you can cover it, check out the prices of surgeries at Helping Hands Affordable Veterinary Surgery and Dental Care.

<b>6. Beagles and Bargains</b>

I was fortunate to have recognized Luna on my way to the car to go to the airport.

Since her owner is also a blogger from Northern Virginia who enjoys hiking, it is funny to me that the first time I met Luna was in Tennessee.

Beagles and Bargains is a smart and handy blog set up to talk about deals and ideas to keep your pet happy and healthy without breaking the pocket book. 

<b>7. Pawesome Cats</b>

I am thrilled to have met the brilliant blogger, Tracy of Pawesome Cats, who traveled to Tennessee all the way from Australia.

As can be guessed from the title of her blog, cats are her central theme.

I really enjoy and benefit from reading her articles on cat behavior.

<b>8. Playful Kitty</b>

I ran into the blogger of Playful Kitty in the Cat Style Lounge.

It was great meeting the woman “behind the show”, who keeps me entertained with the shenanigans between her cats. 

<b>9. Dane Yard</b>

Dane Yard is a Facebook group that is dedicated to great danes.

The owner of the group is also the blogger of

She has many significant resources linked to her website that may be useful for pet owners.

She most recently posted an extremely useful infographic on emergency preparedness that I have repinned to my pinterest board, “Pet Tips”. This board has many great infographics and articles I have collected that can be of help to pet owners.

Through the Dane Yard blog I was also able to find the Dane Yard Pinterest Board, which also had very helpful pins for pet owners.

Click here to learn more

Coco, the Couture Cat looked absolutely stunning every time I saw her.

She was definitely a diva in her pink Catillac, sporting a magnificent outfit complete with a wig.

The blogger of Curlz and Swirlz, and personal assistant of Coco, the Couture Cat, was a natural at her job title, chauffeuring and assisting Coco.  

<b>11. Stunning Keisha</b>

I met the blogger for Stunning Keisha while attending a lecture hosted by the outstanding keynote speaker, Peter Shankman.

This blog is about, “a ghetto cat born on the streets” who gets released from prison to stay with “TW and Pops”.

If you are not enticed to check it out, you will definitely be missing out.  

<b>12. Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue</b>

Click here to visit the Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue. Located in northern Virginia, this rescue houses cocker spaniels and spaniel mixes.

You can volunteer to foster, transport animals, help in adoption events, donate, and more. The Cheers for Cockers fundraiser, on June 14th, will be hosted at the Winery at Olney, in Olney, Maryland.

A fundraising event that caught my eye is the, “Paint Your Pet” fundraiser on Sunday, August 16 in Ashburn, VA.

An artist will presketch a picture of your pet on the canvas, and then the rest is up to you. 

I also wanted to include a special shout out to the blogger of, “Dakota’s Den” and “Cat Chat with Caren and Cody”.

When I was not even a month into blogging, she gave me some candid advice about my website which was greatly appreciated.

She also hosted a guest post of mine at “Dakota’s Den”. While I was unable to meet Caren this year, I hope that we will meet soon.

As you can see, I cannot stop gushing about the bloggers from BlogPaws 2015 because there were so many great people.

I apologize if there was anybody that I missed.

If you did meet me, or would like to meet me next year, please feel free to find me on the BlogPaws website, add me as a friend on any social networks, or send me an email.

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