Travel Animal Doctor: The BiteNBrush™ Toothbrush Design

Travel Animal Doctor: The BiteNBrush™ Toothbrush Design

Word of a new, revolutionary dog and cat toothbrush to brush my dog’s teeth has received my full attention. -Travel Animal Doctor

Travel Animal Doctor

Ready for fresh breath. -Travel Animal Doctor

The bristle and toothbrush designs appear to adapt to the construction of the animal’s teeth rather than against the normal dentition and jaw. Using my current pet toothbrush, a derivative of human toothbrushes (1-sided with flat bristles), can sometimes be a challenge to get full contact on every nook and cranny of the teeth. The following are my opinions of five toothbrush designs, the last being the design of this brand new patent-pending product called the BiteNBrush™.

Other Toothbrush Designs:

Travel Animal Doctor

Brushing your pet’s teeth- Travel Animal Doctor

1) The longer handle, 1-sided toothbrush

The longer handle is a necessary adaptation for a dog’s mouth. The one sided bristles do well to brush the outside surface of the teeth. It can be a struggle to adequately brush the inside, lingual surface of the teeth (the surface by the tongue). Jade, my dog, bites down on the toothbrush making it more difficult to brush away plaque on the inner tooth wall. Although long handles provide distance from the bite, unfortunately they also create unnecessary fulcrum, rocking the brush on every bite and making the task more difficult.

2) The longer handle, 2-sided toothbrush

These toothbrushes are similar to the regular toothbrush in dogs. The handle is long so that you can reach the back teeth easily. The end with the big brush does well getting the full surface of a tooth. Two different size brushes on each end does allow you to effectively brush a dog’s teeth. However, there is still that struggle of your dog biting down on the handle on either side, trying to reach different surfaces of teeth and having to constantly reposition oneself to be able to get these surfaces using flat brushes.

3) Three side soft brush toothbrushes

With 270-degree bristle design, the pet bites down on the plastic handle of the toothbrush. This allows range of all three surfaces of the upper and lower teeth. A pet owner can first brush the top teeth, and then brush the bottom (or vice versa). The ingenuities of design in this toothbrush are admirable, but the appearance of this toothbrush is bulky and a bit cumbersome.

4) Soft plastic finger extension

I have tried the soft plastic finger extension toothbrush on Jade for more control over the toothbrush end and to avoid irritating the gum line. Even as a veterinarian, I would rather not have my hand in my dog’s mouth, getting slobbered on, every morning before work. The bristles are short and while they may make contact to a tooth, it is difficult for the bristles to get in between the teeth or make multiple teeth surface contacts simultaneously.

The BiteNBrush™ Design:

5) The BiteNBrush™ Toothbrush

This new toothbrush, called BiteNBrush™ , appears easy to manipulate with bristles around the end in a 360-degree fashion. The BiteNBrush™ appears to work with the natural tendency of my dog to bite down. The handle is conveniently located in the middle of the brush instead of on one side. Since the brush encompasses 360-degree functionality, it appears to get all surfaces of the lower and upper teeth easily, without a cumbersome handle getting in the way. It seems to allow for intricate hand movements to reach all surfaces of teeth rather than drastic operator hand and body shifts to maneuver around the teeth. Often with the current toothbrushes, wide turns result in jabbing the gums with a plastic end, causing bleeding and irritation of the gums. I do not see this happening with the BiteNBrush™ . BiteNBrush™ appears to be extremely functional, cleaning multiple teeth and tooth surfaces at the same time.

The founder, president and CEO of the Bad Breath Institute, Vahe’ Ohanessian D.D.S, has 25 years of private practice experience as a doctor of dental surgery. He believes that it is just as essential to prevent disease through brushing his pet’s teeth, as it is for him to prevent disease by brushing his own. BiteNBrush™ dental toys and chews will also be available later on as maintenance products along with the BiteNBrush™ toothbrush. In order to prevent periodontal disease in pets, it is necessary to brush your pet’s teeth daily, twice if possible just as we do in humans. This brush appears to have the functionality to make it easier to do just that.

BiteNBrush™ is currently running a campaign on IndieGogo for awareness and presale of its toothbrush and will be donating a portion of proceeds to animal shelters. BiteNBrush™ is being incubated and will be released through VentuCap™ Inc. an incubator Company, headed by Dr. Ohanessian as its Founder and CEO. BiteNBrush™ is planned to also be available on a subscription format as just like human toothbrushes they need to be changed periodically for effectiveness of brushing and cleanliness.

*This is my opinion on the design of products. I have not used all of these products, and am only expressing my opinion on what I see, not a review of what I have used. The proprietary design of the BiteNBrush™ toothbrush looks promising, and I am excited to see what the BiteNBrush™ proprietor and team has to offer to the pet care community.

I will provide further review when BiteNBrush™ becomes available to the public and is being shipped. -Travel Animal Doctor

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    • Their video on IndieGoGo is pretty useful on how it would work. I look forward to learning more about this innovative solution to dental care because it could be a godsend for veterinarians and pet owners alike! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. This sounds like a great toothbrush for dogs! It’s great that it is made to fit a dog’s mouth just right. A human’s mouth is quite a bit different than a cat’s or dog’s. That should make home dental care a lot better for dogs.
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  2. This sounds like a great new product! It definitely sounds like it will make brushing teeth easier for pet owners.


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