Awesome Con 2015 – Travel Animal Doctor

Awesome Con 2015 – Travel Animal Doctor

Awesome Con 2015 in Washington, D.C. had many animal-friendly companies present. -Travel Animal Doctor

It was my husband’s birthday, so to celebrate we went to Awesome Con 2015 to meet the people who were the voices of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Splinter for the newest movie, as well as the creator of the original ninja turtles and the original April O’ Neil, Judith Hoag.

We were able to get a photograph with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle crew, and received their autographs. There were hundreds of booths set up with talented artists and companies. 

Travel Animal Doctor

Awesome Con D. C. 2015- Travel Animal Doctor

Meeting the Original April O’ Neil

  • The highlight of my day was a ten minute conversation I had with Judith Hoag about her rescued dog, who she considers part of her family.
  • Judith Hoag noticed that I had bought artwork done by the very talented artist, Scott Straka.
  • Scott Straka sold me autographed artwork of Scott Wilson, the actor of the veterinarian, Hershel Greene, from The Walking Dead.
  • Judith Hoag’s neighbor is Scott Wilson, and she was eager to go home and share the news with him that she met a big fan of his, a veterinarian from Virginia.
  • I have always been a big fan of Hershel Greene. After Hershel was killed in The Walking Dead, I lost my hope for the show.
  • The only reason I continued to watch the series was because other family members enjoyed the show, and we watched it together at family gatherings.
  • I especially enjoyed the quote that Scott Wilson included on the artwork. “..We all have a job to do..”

My job today entails writing a short summary of some companies I found at Awesome Con 2015 that I felt were the bee’s knees.

These companies are quite the buzz here at Travel Animal Doctor:

1. Scott Straka

I had to include this artist’s artwork, because of his extraordinary talent. I am so thankful that I happened upon his booth. I enjoy collecting The Walking Dead memorabilia, and still cannot believe he was selling artwork of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) that was autographed by the actor. If you are interested in seeing some of Scott Straka’s art, please click his name in blue to visit his website.

2. Flee

Another talented artist is Flee who has quite a few pieces of artwork featuring fantasy versions of our friendly feline companions.

3. Bianca Roman- Stumpff

Bianca Roman-Stumpff is an artist who draws animals with a twist. She also exclusively creates pet portraits for anyone who is interested in asking her for a commission.

4. Sasha Yosselani

Sasha Yosselani is an artist who features birds in many of her pieces. I bought artwork from her featuring a close up of an owl.

5. April Alayne

April Alayne is a talented artist who draws very intricately. She gets her inspiration from wildlife, and animals are found throughout her art.

6. is a company that is based out of Washington D.C. but sells products internationally.

Traveling Animal Doctor

Pug Jabba the Hut- Travel Animal Doctor

They make hilarious t-shirts featuring popular pets like cats and dogs. This tee features the pug version of Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia.

traveling animal doctor

Catthulhu – Travel Animal Doctor


Are you an avid role playing gamer who loves cats?

This role playing game, found on, features a cat with octopus tentacles. The company sells t-shirts featuring the cat that would also be fun to own.

8. features the work of a talented illustrator, Hannah Weaver.

traveling animal doctor

Patercillar- Travel Animal Doctor

At Awesome Con, with any card or sticker bought with a cat on it, 30% of the proceeds were donated to C.A.R.E (Cat Adoption & Rescue of Richmond, VA).

Lastly, I wanted to briefly discuss a comic series that I learned about at Awesome Con 2015. This series is an educational tool on the importance of caring for animals.

9. Piggy's Human

Piggy’s Human is a comic series that is an educational program for the nonprofit Darwin Animal Doctors program.

traveling animal doctor

Learned about the traveling animal doctor program to the Galapagos.

Their mascot is a three-legged dog rescued from the Galapagos Islands. Veterinarians worldwide are volunteering to work in the Galapagos Islands to spay and neuter cats and dogs, and care for the Galapagos wildlife. These comics are to bring awareness to the efforts of conservationists and veterinarians on the Galapagos Islands.

This is my short summary of artists and companies I enjoyed at Awesome Con 2015.

Please feel free to check out these animal loving companies and talented artists from Awesome Con 2015. – Travel Animal Doctor

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    • It looked like a hoot! If you end up getting it, I would absolutely love to hear what you think about it.


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