Travel Animal Doctor: Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

Travel Animal Doctor: Animal Cruelty Prevention Month

It is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month and as such I wanted to increase awareness of animal cruelty prevention groups. -Travel Animal Doctor

“Go Orange” with me this month and raise awareness to protect animals against animal cruelty.


The ASPCA is running many campaigns to protect animals.

  • To access these campaigns, visit their home website and click on the “Fight Cruelty” tab.
  • Another campaign is #OpentheBarns to promote food safety, workers’ rights and protection of animals in agriculture.
  • ASPCA also has many more ideas to “Go Orange” this month on their website.
 Travel Animal Doctor

Show your support for Animal Cruelty Prevention Month by putting an orange ribbon on your picture. -Travel Animal Doctor


HumaneSociety.Org has up-to-date news on animal welfare.

  • A few new articles include the recent establishment of animal welfare awareness in Hilton hotels and Dunkin Donut’s.
  • Hilton hotel chains and Dunkin’ Donuts are using gestation crate-free pork and cage-free eggs in their supply chain in upcoming years.
  • Hilton Hotels are also banning the sale of shark fin on their properties.

The HumaneSociety.Org website brings attention to the protection of all animals including pets, wildlife and farm animals.


  • Pet-Abuse.Com covers an abundance of services that allows an individual to find animal abuse cases in the searched location.
  • To date, 19,448 cases have been reported in the database.
  • By being aware of the abuse cases in your neighborhood or the place you are traveling to with your pet, you can keep your pet safe.


  • According to Society & Animals, 71% of battered women entering shelters have had their household pet threatened or harmed while 32% reported their children harmed animals.
  • The American Humane Association has a fact sheet with ways that advocates can work to prevent child, women and animal abuse.
  • Among ideas suggested by AmericanHumane.Org, include the use of local veterinarians, SPCA, humane society and animal control agency groups to foster pets belonging to battered women.
  • Furthermore, you can report animal abuse on the internet by contacting the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Go here for more information on how to stop this abuse.


Looking for a directory to search for animal rights, endangered species, news, disaster preparedness or vegetarianism?

Go no further than The Environment Directory at WebDirectory.Com to get foundations and groups at your fingertips.

These websites are only a few of many with great resources that share and fight against injustices daily to protect the earth’s animals from cruelty.

Play a crucial part in Animal Cruelty Prevention Month by spreading the word and raising awareness today.

  • Get involved and “Go Orange” to support ASPCA for Animal Cruelty Prevention Month.
  • Visit here to learn more ideas from the ASPCA on how to “Go Orange” this month.
  • Join Twibbon to promote your orange ribbon on social media all month long.
  • Start locally and make a difference in the campaign to prevent animal cruelty and domestic violence today.

Did you like this article?  If so, you may also like to read, “Prevent My Pet from Hit By Car Trauma” or one of my other articles on hit by car trauma.  Since it is also National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, I will be sharing tips on first aid all month long. Ever wonder why you need to keep your pet up-to-date on his or her monthly preventatives?  

Check out my series of articles on potential parasites you can catch from your pet without the use of this prevention. -Travel Animal Doctor

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  1. I am doing a post shortly on aniaml cruelty prevention month as well. I think it’s so important to continue to bring awareness this, and I thank you for doing so as well!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • Jade and I look forward to stopping by! I owned a husky growing up, and actually saved Jade because she reminded me of him with her two different colored eyes.

  2. Your new web site looks great! Thanks for your support of Animal Cruelty Prevention this month and for providing the links to various organizations who help prevent cruelty to animals. Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Thank you so much! Jade and I are learning as best we can with the new site.

  3. We’ve all got to speak out regarding this subject as often as we can. Orange is the color this month. I shall share this post. So nice to have found you. Will be back soon.

  4. So many critter need so much help. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Great awareness post and lovely photo! x

  6. Adorable Photo and I certainly support these animal groups! Wonderful work!


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