Adoptable Pets from the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue- Travel Animal Doctor

Adoptable Pets from the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue- Travel Animal Doctor

Are you ready to rescue your new best friend and bring him to a loving home?

Look no further than the heart of Fairfax Station, Virginia to find your new best friend. – Travel Animal Doctor

Finding Poseidon

My husband and I were on the search for just the right furry friend for our family. We went to animal shelters around the area but just could not agree on the perfect best friend. Since we already have a chocolate lab mix named Jade, we wanted to find a pal who she would enjoy hanging around with during the day.

After casually looking for a few months to no avail, we finally decided to take our search online. In the matter of a few hours our search was over.

We came across Poseidon on Petfinder, who was from the Homeward Animal Trails Rescue.

Since it was here that we found our perfect pet, we think you will find yours here too.  Take a look for what pets are available for a forever home at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue by searching in the toolbar below.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

The Adoption Story

Our hearts were sold the moment we saw a white domestic short hair cat named Olaf.  Beside his name in bold letters were the words, “I LOVE DOGS”.  He was the same age as Jade.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Poseidon from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Even more of a sign was the fact that just like Jade, he also had “mismatched eyes”.  While Jade has a blue eye and a brown eye, this kitty cat had a blue eye and a green eye.

After seeing the description of him and his photographs on the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue website our minds were made up. We quickly filled out adoption papers and emailed them to the pet adoption coordinator.

Choosing a Name

After getting Olaf, we realized his personality did not suite his name.  Although we loved the name Olaf, we decided to try a selection of names, and see what name he listened to us with enough to come over.

He laid on the kitchen floor staring at us as we recited a name list. The elegant white cat quickly arose at the name of Poseidon, and came over to greet us. He has been the handsome man, Poseidon, ever since.

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, check out the listings at Homeward Trails Animal Rescue to adopt your pet today.

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