Traveling with Pets

Traveling with Pets

This is Jade, and she loves the idea of traveling with pets.

Jade 2

Jade was a rescue dog from death row. And when I say death row I mean I would have had to watch the injection after surgery was finished on her. She was a surgery dog at veterinary school, too sick to stay in shelters. Her time was up.

After seeing her I refused for this to be the truth. After much persistence I was given approval to adopt. A little medicine fixed her right up and she has been our pooch ever since.


I traveled often through veterinary school but after adopting Jade it was tougher to go on last minute trips with my husband. Not only did it cost money, but we also worried about her while we were gone.

The solution? We began traveling with her. She is more well traveled in her 3 yrs of age than I was my first 20 years of age. Traveling with pets is fun, and keeps that pocketbook a little bit fuller.

Jade 3

Many who consider traveling with pets like to plan ahead so they know where they can stay overnight. Often when visiting family, it is easier to bring pets along.

Jade 1

Next time you plan a trip think about taking your pet along. With the proper preparation you may have just as much fun and save a few bucks by bringing your furry child along for the ride. Need some pet-friendly travel tips? Click here to see some tips straight from a veterinarian.

Jade 4

 Are you going on a trip, but keeping your pet at the veterinarian’s? Click here to see a few ideas of exciting adventures for nature lovers.
Since Jade is the real star of the show here at Travel Animal Doctor, check out blog articles that she stars in here. Jade knows that all work and no play is not a fun way to live. She works hard conducting interviews of fellow doggy friends like Rebel and Macy, and modeling for the camera, but it is always nice to get out of the house and explore.
JAde 5
When she is not traveling far away, she enjoys going to the beach, hiking and taking jaunts to local dog parks. Join her in her travels, and learn just how unique the animal kingdom is, from a dog’s point of view.
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  1. I always avoid taking a pet on holiday with me because it is really hard to manage them. After reading your tips, I guess it is not that hard if we follow the proper tips.
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