Traveling for Nature Lovers

Traveling for Nature Lovers

Traveling for nature lovers can take you on many incredible journeys.  These adventures can test your every emotion and push you past limits you never knew existed.  Imagine skydiving, bridge jumping, hang gliding, parasailing, zip lining, high ropes courses and jet packing all to overcome your fear of heights and feel that rush time and time again. As you feel the wind on your skin and you soar through the sky your adrenaline makes you feel more alive than ever before. The view is more spectacular than anything you have seen in magazines, art museums or even in a 3D movie theater. Get out of your comfort zone and explore the natural beauty of this earth.

hang gliding

Play follow the leader with a sea lion while snorkeling in the Galapagos, or see yourself getting your flipper attacked by an angry penguin because you were swimming in between it and its food.  Witness the breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains below as you jolt up and down with every turn of a helicopter. Leaving your comfort zone can transform and inspire you. It always seems to help having the reassurance of a good tour guide by your side.

Tour guides make scary experiences more relaxing and their expertise make moments more memorable. Under tour guide supervision, zip through a city on a Segway, while those you pass smile, shout and stare. Go on a Safari background tour, feed a hippo and do a high ropes course over dozens of crocodiles with gaping jaws in your direction.

When visiting the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, the tour leader points out two northern white rhinos standing next to one another.  The next day you watch the news and see this headline:

One of the rhinos died leaving only 5 northern white rhinos left in the world. Poaching and habitat loss has led to this near extinction. $110,000 has been given to the project in order to speed up the process to work on the genome sequencing of the northern and southern white rhinos.

Each experience has the power to change you, and fill you with the courage to live life to the fullest. Gain a new perspective through exploration of nature today.  The magic of life is all around you; in the parks, the air, and back at home wagging their tails as soon as you walk in your door at day’s end.  Experience these crazy adventures by reading at home with your cat in your lap or get ideas for your next vacation. Explore with me the beauty of our ever-changing world.


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  1. Are you planning a fun vacation soon?

  2. I like this website because I like animals and I want to be a vet when I grow up and I think it is cool that you can travel with animals and you can help animals when you are on the go oh and I am Christie Daruwalla’s daughter and I am 8 years old

    • Dear Lyla,

      I am glad you stopped by. Keep up with your science classes in school, and get as much experience as you can with the animals that you love. There are many rewarding avenues you can take working with animals. Good luck!


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