Travel Animal Doctor: Keeping Your Pet’s Body Healthy

Travel Animal Doctor: Keeping Your Pet’s Body Healthy

Your pet’s body is it’s sanctuary. – Travel Animal Doctor

Your Pet’s Body

The dog’s nose is used for sniffing and breathing.

Her eyes are used to guide her owner across the street.  Your dog’s heart is used to pump blood and oxygen through your pet’s body.  Her legs are used to run and jump.

Her tail wags to let you know that she is happy and eager to please you.  Her mouth is used for eating treats when she is good and most importantly to eat her meals and to drink her water. What she consumes gives her the energy and hydration she needs to keep her body functioning properly.

This energy is important to keep her heart beating, her legs running, her mouth chewing, her nose sniffing, her tail wagging and her eyes open.

This is why what your pet eats is vital to her healthy and happy lifestyle.


If you have a child he can tell you when he is hungry or thirsty.  The uniqueness of a pet is that you are relying on body language and barking to tell you what she needs.  This is why it is essential to know the proper portions of food necessary for your pet’s lifestyle.

Let’s say you left unlimited grilled cheese sandwiches that do not go bad on the kitchen table throughout the day for your child.

Not every child would know the appropriate amount to eat in a day and could potentially become overweight.

Furthermore if you are watching television at night and want to do something else but are too tired to work on the computer, do you reach for a snack to munch on as you watch your shows?

Travel Animal Doctor

It is essential to know the proper portions of food necessary to keep your pet’s body healthy. – Travel Animal Doctor

Similarly, if your child was left alone to watch shows all day while you clean the house, your child may get bored.  This behavior could drive the child to eat when he is not even hungry.

Many pets act the same way and need guidance and restrictions when it comes to eating.  

Take into account that just like every potato chip you eat between meals, every treat given to your animal throughout the day adds up.

Travel Animal Doctor

A dog’s body is composed of around 60-70% water, thus it is extremely important to have water available to your dog at all times. – Travel Animal Doctor


Access to fresh water is also important to have available to your pet throughout the day.

An average adult person’s body is comprised of 50-65% water. It is suggested that a person drink 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated for their brain to work at full capacity.

Likewise, a dog’s body is composed of around 60-70% water.

Since a dog cannot get a glass of water from the kitchen at any whim, it is extremely important to make sure that your dog has water available to quench his thirst.

Humans and dogs alike cannot last long without being hydrated.

A backup water bowl is always a smart idea if you are busy because it is hard to always notice one bowl that may be empty. If your dog comes up and nudges your arm with her nose and it is not wet, it is time to check those water bowls.

Prevent Disease

Prevent heart disease and knee surgery by giving your pet an adequate nutrition.  Prevent dehydration, fatigue and heat exhaustion by ensuring that there is a water source available 24/7 for your pet.

Remember that your pet’s body is her temple.

Without a healthy structural framework, her body systems will be unable to work in unison. So next time your dog runs over wagging her tail think about the amazing and complex body systems at work.

Keep your pet’s body happy and healthy by paying attention to her nutrition and hydration today. – Travel Animal Doctor

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