A Female Guide to Solo Travel Review- Travel Animal Doctor

A Female Guide to Solo Travel Review- Travel Animal Doctor

A Female Guide to Solo Travel is the “go-to” source for any woman who is planning a trip or interested in travel. – Travel Animal Doctor

Lisa Imogen Eldridge, an expert traveler and author of A Female Guide to Solo Travel, writes incredible sample itineraries and tips for aspiring female world travelers.


A Female Guide to Solo Travel is divided into four parts for easy reading. The first, Why Travel Solo?, discusses the pros and cons of solo travel. The second part, Plan Your Trip, gives many helpful hints on travel preparation, and finances. On the Road, the third section, discusses travel hacks to stay safe, happy, and healthy while on the road. Finally, Coming Home gives insight on how to manage post-travel depression.

Six Underlying Themes of A Female Guide to Solo Travel

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Review of A Female Guide to Solo Travel

1) Funds

Lisa Eldridge writes about some of the many job options available to travelers. A travel fund source increasingly intriguing to me is the ability to work on organic farms in the area as you travel. If you are a woman who wants to travel while making a living, A Female Guide to Solo Travel is the perfect guide for you. 

2) Inspiration

With this book, you realize that the world is at your disposal. Traveling allows you to immerse yourself into different cultures. Through your personal travel experiences you start viewing life with new eyes. Wanderlust sets in when I read A Female Guide to Solo Travel.


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Stunning visuals in the travel book, A Female Guide to Solo Travel

3) Vacation

Lisa Eldridge wrote a sample itinerary for everywhere imaginable. A Female Guide to Solo Travel is not only a book for the world traveler. A brief guide to travel in North America is included for seasonal vacationers.


travel guide book

Explore North America with this Travel Guide Book

4) Tips

Throughout this book, the author offers common sense tips for everyday travel. One such tip was to avoid designer clothes and expensive jewelry and watches. As creatures of habit, it is often easy to forget this valuable tip.

As an avid trip research junkie, I search for information on travel websites often. Websites are sprinkled like fairy dust throughout this book for our enjoyment.


book about world travel

Learn how you can explore the Seven Wonders of the World in this book about world travel.

5) Safety

What I liked most about this book was the amount of information provided to keep solo female travelers safe. The author provides essential facts to keep women safe while traveling in parts of the world that are not as female friendly.

6) Value

Though it could, A Female Guide to Solo Travel does not stop at just giving intrinsic value to the readersAt the end of the third section, Lisa Eldridge offers unique discounts to travelers, providing exclusive travel deals to her readers.

*All photographs were provided from A Female Guide to Solo Travel.

For a wanderlust fix, click here! <- If interested in reading this book yourself, please do not hesitate to take a look.

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Read A Female Guide to Solo Travel today for tips and tricks to safely travel the globe. 

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