8 Photos of Happiness

8 Photos of Happiness

Inspire Greytness nominated me for a post called 8 Photos of Happiness from Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet. My 8 photos express reasons for wanting to become a veterinarian as well as reasons that make me happy I am a veterinarian. They are my old family pets, my mom and dad’s pets, and Jade. These animals had and still have a way of making my frown turn upside down. Just sorting through these photos flooded me with   joyous memories.


Meet Scar. My husband and I found him sick at a shelter. He was so sweet and loving, and he rolled around and played with us for a straight 15 minutes before we decided we had no choice but to take him home. He was our first pet, and he was adorable. He was such a cuddler, and always had to sleep on one of our heads at night. Sadly one evening he slipped out of a crack in the door. We looked for him everywhere but he never came back. We talk about getting another cat all of the time. One of these days we will.

While growing up, we had a samoyed named Bayer. He was the sweetest dog our family has ever had. He was big and docile. The family who had him before us called him moose because he was so big. I smile whenever I see that precious face.

Maggie was our family sheepdog. She was smart as a whip. I remember training her to pull at a pulley on command, that would elevate a basket to the top of our tree house. True to her breed, she herded everyone.  It was tough taking her on a walk because she was so strong and stubborn.  She was one silly girl.

Scar and Jade became best buds quickly after we got Jade. Scar was a friend to everyone.  They slept together and cuddled all of the time.

Sweet Pea is my parent’s dog. She is adorable, doesn’t shed, and loves her mother. She finally came around to everyone else after Rebel joined the clan. This is Sweet Pea begging for a smoothie that I was drinking.


While not a photo of pets, it was just a really pretty picture that reminded me of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. My husband and I had so much fun taking nature shots. Those ducks were naturals at posing for the camera.

Macy you may remember from an interview Jade had with her. Jade really loves playing with Macy whenever they meet up. Macy is strong willed, stubborn and fun. She gets all of the other dogs to run to action on her command.

Malichi was our family husky. He was the runt of the litter, but had a serious Napoleon’s complex. I will always remember his spunk.

To spread the happiness, we are to nominate up to ten other bloggers. We are supposed to include the url of the person who nominated us as well as the url of Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet to keep track of just how far the 8 Photos of Happiness will spread. Finally, we simply write a little blurb underneath each photo stating why that particular photograph makes us happy. My nominees are:

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Thank you for the nomination Inspire Greytness! This is the perfect Thursday post for me.

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  1. It was lovely seeing your photographs and reading about them.

    Thank you for the nomination, I will be busy choosing some photos now!
    Clowie recently posted…Couriouser and CuriouserMy Profile

  2. Such lovely memories and pictures. I can absolutely see and love of animals and it makes perfect sense that you followed your passions and became a vet! I especially love the adorable picture of Bayer. Growing up I always wanted a Samoyed.

    Thanks also for nominating me to participate in the 8 photos of happiness. I would gladly accept though I already participated last Friday. Here’s a link http://www.thedailypip.com/2015/07/8-photos-of-happiness.html

    P.S.: just signed up for your newsletter!
    The Daily Pip recently posted…Street + Art + DogMy Profile

    • Oh awesome, I will be sure to check out your photos. Thanks for joining my newsletter for up-date Travel Animal Doctor news and articles.

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me. If there is still time, I will be happy to do a happiness post after I return to US (if that’s ok).

    I loved your reasoning on becoming a vet. Each photo is precious and what you are doing is very important and caring.
    TwoPlusCute recently posted…Wow, that proved difficult…My Profile

    • I look forward to checking out your happiness post. Wishing you fun and safe travels!


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