5 Reasons to Get the Kitty Litter Genie

5 Reasons to Get the Kitty Litter Genie

The Litter Genie cat litter disposal system has been a godsend in our household.

I am so head over heels for the product, I feel it needs to be shared with the world.

If you are a cat enthusiast, you are probably very used to the scent of kitty litter and the chore of cleaning the litter box.  With Poseidon watching as I empty both his litter boxes, I can’t help but to have that humbling feeling come over me. There is just something about cleaning up after your pets that makes you realize that your health is just as important as your pet’s health.

house smelling fresh

An easy way to have a cat and keep your house smelling fresh.

If you were to leave that litter box unaccounted for, for long periods of time, you know that you would be finding a surprise somewhere else in the household. Furthermore, if those litter boxes got too dirty, it would affect your health and wellbeing as well. That stink has a way of permeating through a room. If you are living in an apartment complex in Washington D.C. area, then you could potentially smell it throughout the household.

So how do you get that smell under control?

Here is why Litter Genie has worked so well for our family.

1. Ease of Use

To use the Litter Genie, one only has to pop the lid open and put the dirty litter in. Then open up the seal to send it down to the deeper compartment, where it can sit until it is full.

2. Sealed Compartmentalization

In opening the lid, one may think a strong smell would be present. But this small can has an additional seal that opens and closes so that you only need to open the seal for a few seconds to get the dirty litter to go to the bottom compartment. This allows the entire process to be less smelly.

4. Less Litter Sweep Up

With the convenient size of the Litter Genie, you are able to bring it nice and close to the individual litter box that you are cleaning. In doing this, you are able to avoid loose litter falling on the ground.

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Since your cat’s wastes are sealed tightly at the bottom of the Litter Genie, the smell will no longer stink up your garbage can or the room with a “double-bagged poop bag”. You no longer need to designate an entire garbage can or room for solely your cat’s bathroom needs.

My husband and I were lucky enough to find the Litter Genie for free as long as we mailed in the rebate. With all of the other things we were buying for Poseidon, the crazy thing is we almost even passed up that deal! Our hands were full of last minute items to pick up until the things we bought online for him were delivered. I am grateful everyday that we decided to give it a try.

cat litter genie

This cat litter genie system is a must have in any feline household.

On the Litter Genie: Cat Litter Disposal System website, there is currently a coupon now for $5 off your own.

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